Make Your Skin Care Mental Health Care with Beauty Brand Selfmade

A beauty routine and therapy session all in one.


Suffering with mental health feels like a constant dark entity is following you. When faced with daily triggers, I find my beauty routine becomes my savior. The numerous moments a simple face mask, makeup look, or bubble bath has given me comfort shows how vital beauty is to your overall well-being


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Launched in 2020, Selfmade is a business founded by Stephanie Lee that centers itself around; the psychological and physical aspects of beauty. Incorporating three multipurpose skin and personal care essentials; a serum, exfoliant, and oil, which paint attachment, resilience, and intimacy. “These are core concepts for understanding self-worth that I learned in therapy during my mental health crisis - I never had a relationship with my mental health until I started in the beauty industry after working in the White House with Michelle Obama '' she states. 

A lightbulb moment occurred during her psychological battles in 2016. Providing her with the resources and skills to better her mental health, her journey through therapy sparked the inspiration behind Selfmade.


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Their collection of high-quality, clean and sustainable products aims to understand and aid in bettering the mental well-being of others. “Beauty can be a ritualistic tool for calming down our bodies and practicing loving ourselves - times we spend putting something on our face or touching our skin are all valuable opportunities for self-exploration”. 

Lee's goal for the company is to discard out-of-date, dangerous beauty norms and replace them with a feeling of credibility through ‘wellness-minded self-exploration’. She explains that beauty should focus on “how we feel - rather than look - when we nurture and trust in our relationship with ourselves”. Essentially the link between our psychological and physical health, and the effects it has on our bodies, including our skin, needs to be addressed more.

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