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6 Ideas For Mind-Blowing Foreplay
Goodbye, predictability.
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I Squirted In My Pants During My Gym Class
She’s hurting for a squirting.
I Slept With My Best Friend’s Brother
It’s weird only if you make it weird.
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The Art Of Taking Good Nudes
I coined the term “birthday tits,” and you need it in your life.
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From Startup to Success: European Male Sex Toy Companies Disrupting the Industry
Innovative startups reshaping male pleasure with groundbreaking products and inclusivity.
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Orgasms Unleashed: A Guide to Putting on a Real Show!
Get insider secrets and expert guidance to unlock true pleasure!
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A Fuckboy Helped Me To Love My Body
And also, he fucked me pretty well.
I Went On 29 Dates In 30 Days, This Is What I’ve Learned.
A detailed journey into a month of sex and double-booking.
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Is Stoned Sex Better Than Drunk Sex? Here's The Science
The true winner, though? Sober sex, obvs.
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A Woman’s Guide To Exploring Her Sexuality
Explore and understand sexuality.
6 Spicy Things To Do In Bed This Weekend
Bored with the routine? Take a look and spice up your love life.
The Courier Who Delivers My Parcels Is My New Fuckboy
Living my very own porn fantasy.
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It Took Me 25 Years To Accept My Kinkiness
Goodbye, Carrie Bradshaw.
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From Faking It To Doing It Daily: How I Hit My Orgasm Climax (So To Speak)
Let’s take our big O’s into our own hands. 
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I Had A Choice: To Threesome Or Not To Threesome?
The more, the merrier proved very real.
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How Relatable is Netflix’s Sex/Life?
All you need to know before Season 2.
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4 Unacceptable Things That Men Still Do In Bed
Including a ‘no kiss after blowjob’ policy.
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Everything You Need To Know About Porn Addiction
Strategies to triumph over it.
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6 Ways To Boost Your Partner's Libido And Get More Sex
Get your partner back in sync and your banging back to being well, banging!
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How To Get Through 'Cuffing Season' Without Breaking Your Genitals
'Tis the season to be fucking.
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Best Dildos.
What is really going to bring you pleasure!
How Kim Petras Brought Sex-Positivity To The Forefront of Fashion
If she can't have it right now, she doesn't want it at all.
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Become An Expert At Sexting With These 10 Tips
Virtual sex can be fantastic and beneficial for your relationship and your health.
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We Fuckin’ On A Monday: Get Eaten Out Or Get Out
Cunnilingus the tasty fruit of myth.
I Fucked My Waiter And Ended Up Peeing Blood
The worst price I ever paid for sex.
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Get Ahead: 5 Ways To Pass The Time While Giving A Blow Job
Put the AW back into YAWN.
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A Cop Caught Me Having Sex (And Saw Everything)
And other tales of exhibitionism.