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If you want to submit a fashion editorial, here are our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES:
Send us your JPEG images, for an initial quick review, via email attachment.

Your work must be UNPUBLISHED.
This includes across all blogs and all socials media accounts.
If we accept your submission, you give FIZZY MAG the right to use your work for any promotional use, in relation to FIZZY MAG now, and in the future.
When sending us high resolution images, you should include credits for your full team: all websites and social media links. We also require a full wardrobe credit for each image.

Writers Guidelines

At FIZZY MAG, we love new-gen creatives. Streetwear is all about voices, from a collection report written by your favorite magazine, to an Instagram post on the latest sneaker drop, to sharing links with your mates. You don't need a designer wardrobe, a thousands-strong following, or a fashion degree to be heard; all you need is passion. If that's what you're full of, we want to hear from you.

Whether we're writing about fashion, sneakers, beauty, sex, dating, mental health, or general life stuff, we pride ourselves on our individual voice and attitude. We want our readers to feel like they're listening to a knowledgeable good mate – slang, silly jokes and a smattering of swear words included. Feel free to be yourself, basically. What we don't like is lifeless articles that read like the back of a box of All Bran, stringing together the facts without any added personality or development. The internet has enough bland throwaway content to chew through already.

But before you rush to your Gmail to ping us the latest piece you penned on the '90s trend or your undying hatred of Tinder, it's important that you read the following guidelines carefully.


As a general rule, we don't love completed article submissions. If you have a great idea, drop us an email first, summarizing what you would like to write and, if possible, the main points you want to include. It's also preferable if you send us this pitch with a link or sample of previous writing. 

This will save you from wasting a ton of time and effort if we decide the idea doesn't quite fit our vibe, or if we've covered something very similar before. It also helps us to point you in the direction we'd like to see your article develop. It's a win-win, guys. 


We're pretty open-minded when it comes to our content, but we recommend that before pitching your ideas, you have a good read through to get a sense of 'what' we do, and 'who' our articles are speaking to. You don't have to be female-identifying to write for us, but we are a women's publication, so no features on menswear unless it's women-inclusive. Our content aims to inspire, entertain and empower the FIZZY girl (that's our super-cool reader FYI). Also, we are an international platform, so we consider cool shit from all over the globe – just make sure it's written in US English and US $$$. 

Here's what we like the best:


Think of our news section like a cheeky sambuca shot: short, sweet and packing a punch. Whatever you're writing about, from fashion to celebrity, keep it to 200 to 300 words maximum and focus on the facts first. Who, what, where, when at the start, followed by the hows, the whys and the where-to-buys. An inventive introduction or some fun asides leave a nice aftertaste for the reader, as long as you don't overdo it on your personal opinions. It is news, after all. 

As a general rule, it works best to keep news articles neutral. And if you're talking about brands – especially those that you know we love – don't diss. As a fashion publication, we look to create strong partnerships with brands, so bin the negativity.


We cannot emphasize this enough: taste is EVERYTHING. Fashion/streetwear and sneakers are our main deal at FIZZY MAG, so it's essential that our writers have a good knowledge of the scene and a really great eye for style. 

  • Interviews 

Do you know – or want to get to know – someone in the scene that the FIZZY girl would love to know about too? She could be slaying it on Instagram with her sneaker collection; she could be a musician, model, photographer, stylist, artist or curator; she could be running a cool company or staging a full-blown feminist revolution. We're interested in tastemakers and trailblazers – especially those who haven't already received a lot of media coverage.

  • Recent shows, collections, drops or lookbooks

Has a recent show, presentation or drop knocked your little white Nike socks off? Is there an exciting, up-and-coming brand that everyone who's cool should know about? Has a heart-stopping sneaker drop slipped under the radar? Are you low-key obsessed with a new lookbook or editorial? If any of the above apply to you, tell us what's good and what we should be looking out for. Remember, don't be afraid to let your personality and know-how shine; the more original your take, the better.

  • Shopping guides

Did we mention taste is everything? Before you put pen to paper on this, it's essential that you send all of the product links you plan to include first so that we can check through everything. 

We see our Outfit Ideas category as our own special corner of the web where we can go to vent about all the garms we need in our lives right now – garms that our readers will definitely need in their lives too. It could be a top-10 edit on chunky sneakers, 5 takes on the latest fashion trend, or 10 items that will make you look like you've got your shit together this spring – just make sure it speaks to the FIZZY girl.


If you consider yourself a bit of a beauty guru, consider this part of our platform as your personal beauty counter. As above, we cover recent drops and collections, as well as sharing star products and shopping guides (featuring products from the likes of Sephora and Ulta). We also love to read your honest product reviews and learn your beauty, hair and make-up tips.


We think we can all agree that when it comes to sex and dating, most of us have a good story to tell – and the more open and personal your story, the better. If you want to dream up an awesome sex writer persona – like, we don't know, Daisy May Blow – so that your folks don't find out about your BDSM fetish, go for it! Again, it's really important that you check through our current articles to avoid pitching  exactly the same stuff.

  • Sex

We love sex! Doesn't everyone? Whether you're raving about mind-blowing sex positions or ranting about the male aversion to the clit, we want to hear about it. We also love anything and everything about sexual health, because God knows, our generation needs it.

  • Products and reviews

Don't be shy about sharing (hopefully not literally) your favorite sex toys or talking us through your slippery experience with the latest weed lube.

  • Dating/relationship advice

Support your best FIZZY girl with helpful and honest dating, relationship and friendship advice, from how to deal with break-ups to how to communicate with your boyfriend better. There are SHITLOADS of articles on the web on these topics, so, as ever, try to be inventive.

  • Interesting studies

We love reading about interesting recent studies on all things love and sex. Digest all the science jargon and regurgitate the facts in a readable and engaging way that doesn't make the FIZZY girl feel like she's crunching on numbers. Avoid paraphrasing at all costs; if Professor Frink has something to say about the implications of his study, let him say it. Quotation marks can be sexy. “” see? 


  • Self-care and mental health 

It's beyond important that we keep the mental health discussion open, especially in the mentally detrimental age of social media. You could write anything from your personal mental illness journey, to self-care tips, to how to deal with Instagram anxiety. But what we're really looking for here is a positive spin; an article that would leave the reader feeling informed, uplifted or inspired, rather than triggered. It's a bonus if you can reference relevant recent mental health or social studies for extra credibility. But remember: quote, don't paraphrase. 

  • Healthy living

Genuinely healthy articles on diet, fitness and well-being – that means no fad diets, nor pretty much any health advice from Gwyneth Paltrow.


Our lifestyle and entertainment sections cover anything cool that the FIZZY girl might be interested in, outside of the categories listed above. That includes music, celebrities, feminist news, Instagram accounts, TV and movies, great apps, stoner anything, and – dare we say it – politics? 


If you've read all of the above more thoroughly than you vetted your last dating match, congratulations, it's time to get in touch. Again, DO NOT send us completed articles. Email us with an outline of your idea(s) first and we'll take it from there. 

Send your pitches to We can't wait to hear from you!