3 Makeup Trends Taking Over In 2022

Experiment with the formulae. 


Beauty trends are things to expect every year. From popsicle-colored lips to faux freckles, there is something that appeals to different groups. With a global market value expected to hit $85 billion in 2024, you can expect more from the makeup industry. Here are some makeup trends you can play around with whenever you are in the mood to experiment with the formulae. 

1. The natural makeup look


In 2007, the natural makeup look became a thing when acclaimed vlogger at the time, Michelle Phan, filmed it. Her seven-minute video caught on with the younger generation at the time and has remained since then. The natural makeup look requires basic applications to put together. The trick is to avoid heavy foundation or excessive products on the face. The objective for this look is to appear as though you have no makeup on. It enhances the wearer's natural features and focuses on three key areas: the lips, skin, and eyes.

For many makeup stylists, these key areas define the face, and what you do with each will determine the final look. The first area is the skin – the artist's open canvas. When you have unblemished facial skin, you will not need complicated foundation application techniques. On the contrary, these are only required to even out the skin when there are some spots and pigmentation. You can try using the guide by Alit Cosmetics to complete the look.

2. Over-lined lips


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When fuller, luscious lips became the order of the day, many people took to fillers to achieve the look. Today, some have chosen to use a simple trick to give their lips a fuller appearance. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Bieber, and Ariana Grande have used this technique countless times. Although it looks like all you need to do to complete this look is to overline the lips, the result may look messy without the accurate technique. The last thing you want is to look like you smashed a lipstick tube on your face.

First, you must follow the natural curve of your lips, especially the upper one. The area to focus on is the philtrum, otherwise known as the Cupid Bow of the lips. Before defining the 'V' of the lips, you must line both sides slightly higher. This helps you achieve a deeper plunge that characterizes over-lined lips. Indeed, the first few tries may look like they could be better, but with some practice, beginners get it right.   

3. Purple blush

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No matter your skin type, the purple blush application is the new sun-kissed look. It's been trending since 2021 and has been made even more popular by celebrities like Rihanna. The youth-focused social media platform, Tik Tok, is seeing more of this look. However, there are a few rules regarding the purple blush application. Makeup experts say people with fairer or lighter skin tones should opt for pale or lavender purple. However, medium and darker skin tones can play around with pure purple colors. This is because the plum pigment in purple pops on medium and darker skin tones. Although pink, rose, and coral-toned blushes are still the craze, the purple trend seems to have the upper hand. This may be due to the color richness and the preference among the younger generation.

Last but not least, neon eyeliner is charting a path for itself. They are no longer the type of makeup look you only see in music videos. They have become the party look among the younger population.