Freckles: How to Fake Them

Since even skin types are becoming ‘trendy’.


Because TikTok’s freckle filter is trending, we’ve rounded up some ways to make yours last longer, if you don’t have the sun-kissed skin that seems to be so sought after. 

You’ll definitely have seen this on your FYP, but using tubes of henna to make tiny dots all over your face is probably the way to make your faux freckles last the longest. Use an organic brown henna, and remember to do a patch test first! Leave the henna to develop and watch the ‘freckles’ turn darker after you wash it off. 

Using self-tanner with a eyebrow spoolie or stippling brush should also do the trick if you want them to last more than one evening. Both henna and self-tanner freckles should stay for a few days under skincare before needing to reapply. 

Want a more temporary solution? A freckle tint pen is the way to go, or even eyeshadow on a dampened, ultra-thin brush would do the trick. Remember to apply after your foundation, and use a setting spray to keep it all in place.  

If you’re going for a more authentic look, try and concentrate them over the bridge of your nose, but remember to place some random clusters over the rest of your face too - the more asymmetrical, the better. 

Have fun achieving that sun-kissed look!

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