Summer Friday's Pool Time Glowing Body Oil Leaves Skin Looking Radiant

The body oil that does it all.


With summertime in full swing all of us are undeniably after that healthy effortless glow. The Summer Friday's Pool Time Glowing Body Oil promises to do just that and is receiving some rave reviews across the internet. The body oil will not exactly provide you with a tan or tint, but it certainly enhances the skins natural beauty and works wonderfully on all skin tones and textures.

The glitter pigments and nourishing ingredients like macadamia, jojoba and sunflower oils will provide you with soft , silky skin and that much  desired fresh out of the sun radiance we are all craving this season. Not only does this body oil provide the summer look, but the oil also carries the scent of these warmer months. Mouth-watering notes of coconut, vanilla and maharani will make you want to run to your nearest beach and sip on a Malibu and coke. This Body Oil works perfectly whilst sunbathing to lock in moisture, or after a post-poolside shower, either on its own or paired with a lotion.

The Summer Friday's Pool Time Glowing Body Oil retails for around $38 on the summer pool side official website and makes for the perfect pre-vacation purchase.

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