Free Mental Health Training Courtesy Of Maybelline NY

Swapping Your Lipstick For Mental Health Awareness


Your mind is a silent killer. Killer of confidence, thought, self, and even the ability to wake up in the morning. It consumes your whole life; some people have the drive to go and get help, but some need that extra love.  

Maybelline New York has partnered with The Jed Foundation (JED) with the plan to start a conversation around mental health and provide accessible support. Studies show that 54%, over half of first-year students, suffer from anxiety ‘since starting college’, with 60% not wanting to seek professional help and instead confiding in friends. So with this in mind, both Maybelline and JED have produced ‘a free 90 minute scenario-based - expert-developed training’ named Brave Talk. A program designed to educate students, gaining them the ability to help and notice the signs of people suffering from depression and anxiety. The image is that this will, in return, provide a safe and secure environment for students to feel heard.  

Brave Talk is a development of Maybelline’s 2020 Brave Together program, removing the stigma around mental health and providing accessible 1:1 aid ‘in partnership with mental health nonprofits’. Their aim is by 2025 they will have received $10 million in donations,  and 1 million people will have 1:1 support

“At Maybelline, we believe that mental health is health, but we know that when people are struggling, they turn to those they trust first. We created a program that would put 1:1 support for mental health into everyone’s hands.” - Trisha Ayyagari, Global Brand President. 

Starting this month, Maybelline is piloting Brave Talk at New York University in addition to the Maybelline NY and L’oreal team, and in 2023 all colleges in the world will have free access to the program. 

A College interested to learn more? 


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