Jewelry With Rubies, The Stone Of Love And Passion

A sought-after alternative to diamonds.


Along with emeralds and sapphires, rubies belong to the Big Three of traditionally recognized gemstones. In ancient Sanskrit, the ruby was even called Ratnaraj or "king of precious stones". The stone is especially admired for its fiery red color which has made ruby engagement rings a sought-after alternative to diamonds. What do you need to know about this gemstone before you decide to invest in ruby jewelry?

Rubies will wow you with their fiery red

Like blue sapphires, rubies are part of the corundum family which is characterized by its extreme hardness.

Because the stone’s perfect color of pigeon's blood (which is a deep, rich red with a subtle hint of blue) is so rare, the most desirable rubies are worth even more per carat than diamonds. However, this is only when the stone has excellent color and clarity. The most sought-after rubies come from Myanmar, where they have been sourced for several thousand years.

Rubies are commonly heat-treated to improve their color and integrity, however unless you look with the required equipment, an average person would not be able to  distinguish such stones from untreated ones. But even a very light color in a ruby might not be viewed as being of inferior quality. Light color rubies have taken hold in the market under the name pink sapphires and are also very popular.

The magical power of rubies

Throughout history, rubies have always held a special place among gemstones and in many cultures, they have enjoyed great popularity. This is partly because people have always attributed magical powers to them. Rubies were believed to protect their wearers from disease and to bring good luck. When rubies were first introduced to the Western world, medieval Europeans decorated themselves with them and many considered them good luck charms which guaranteed wealth, wisdom, and beauty.

Rubies are equally associated with romantic love which is probably down to their passionate red color. They are usually given for a 40th wedding anniversary, and this occasion is also called a ruby anniversary. They are the birthstone for the month of July so people born in this month will benefit the most from their powers.

How to wear ruby jewelry

Rubies will probably be irresistible to any woman who is a romantic at heart and who also appreciates bold and luxurious jewelry. Ruby jewelry adds a touch of uniqueness to any outfit, but it would be a shame to save it only for special occasions. Rubies stand out best when paired with clothes in neutral tones such as white, black, beige or brown. And what color of gold suits them best? All of them! With yellow gold, rubies look warm, while with white gold, they stand out thanks to the bigger contrast. When combined with rose gold, they are also impressive.

When it comes to the shape of rubies, you can't go wrong with a classic round or oval cut, where the color and luster of the ruby shines through to the max. The special qualities of rubies are also multiplied when they are accompanied by diamonds. A good example is a ruby pendant or halo ruby earrings. The halo design is characterized by a ring of smaller diamonds surrounding a central stone.

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