Waterless Products Are The New It Girl

'Sustainability' is their middle name.


 Moving as far away from high-water-based products as possible is vital in creating a sustainable environment for our planet. Products that are water-free ‘benefit from greater formula potency’, whilst decreasing ‘CO2 and packaging’. With the impending darkness hovering over us that is the cost-of-living crisis, here are some industries that are fighting against water waste. 

Situated in Singapore, Next Technologies & Xvantages have released a ‘production-ready NTX Cooltrans tech’. A colouring method that dyes mostly all fabrics without the use of heat. The brand ‘uses 90% less water and 40% less dye’ which is gaining the attention of brand partners such as Adidas

New Zealand based Dust & Glow distributes hair and skincare powders that, not only are 100% organic and cruelty-free, but activate in water! Additionally OHIOHOO, a South Korean company, uses ‘freeze-dried skincare cubes’ that apply drops of toner or serum to the skin. 

Meanwhile over at Brunel University former graduate Archie Read invented Sandi, a sanitary product that ‘flushes using sand and a conveyer belt’. The idea would result in; affordable, water-free, easily fixable and usable products, that mean no electricity needs to be used and any waste is turned into fertiliser. 

Drifting away from beauty, Australian beverage brand Waterdrop provides an alternative to teabags…tiny cubes that dissolve in hot water! with ‘flavoured vitamin micro teas’ that help boost your immune-system. 

Although striving for 100% waterless products remains a difficult task, so always guarantee the word ‘around waterless and water-efficient products is transparent’. 

So…will you spread the word and get your hands on your own waterless product?