Fussy  - A Sustainable Alternative To Spray On Deodorant
Fussy  - A Sustainable Alternative To Spray On Deodorant
Fussy  - A Sustainable Alternative To Spray On Deodorant

Fussy - A Sustainable Alternative To Spray On Deodorant

Protect The Planet And Your Pits!


Delivered straight through your mailbox, Fussy have created a sustainable, 24-hour deodorant. With a subscription service of £15, Fussy sends you three refills every three months, reducing waste! 

All items are 'Certified Carbon Neutral,' containing blocks that fit into a reusable case crafted from recycled plastics. Plus, if you decide the scent you've chosen initially isn't for you, you can change your refills immediately - all created with the hope that customers are swayed from purchasing disposable products. 

Meeting high standards for social and environmental performances, this amazing refillable system was created by London Studio Blond, whose founder backs this product as 'perfectly suited to the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector - who largely constitute the amount of plastic waste. 

After extensive research, Blond found that; PLA was biodegradable, but only under certain conditions, and Bio-polyethylene had the exact chemical composition as traditional polyethylene. This means that, if thrown away incorrectly, it can result in pollution

"In the end, recycled plastics seemed the most suitable material as they prevent plastic from going to landfill, they have excellent durability and, eventually, can be recycled easily."

Designed to fit perfectly in your hands and the case as a reminder of pebbles, this 100% compostable and recyclable deodorant can be discarded in either your 'regular bin or home compost,' eventually decomposing within 6-12 months!  

"At some point during the process, I looked at my soap sitting in its dish, resembling a flattened ocean-worn pebble. From there, we had the design story in place," 

It is an organic solution that comes in various colors; Lilac, Ocean Blue, Burnt Orange, Blush, Midnight, Mint Green, and scents, Flora, Fresh, Citrus, Tropical, and Unscented; it will make a great addition to your daily routine

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