Soap Brows: How A Bar Of Soap Took Over The Beauty World

Your guide to perfecting this TikTok favorite


Long gone are the days of boxy, 2016 eyebrows. A feathering, fluffy style has become the latest brow buzz, and with the help of an unlikely home supply, you can create this gelled-up look out home. Whip out a spoolie and a bit of soap, and get ready for soap brows

Perhaps the trend’s simplicity has contributed to its success. On TikTok, thousands of creators have demonstrated their guide to perfecting soap brows, noting that anyone can achieve a chic look without splurging on expensive products. 

While soap may be the most common brow lamination to use, gel, brow-gel and wax all have similar consistencies and can create a structured brow look. (We love Glossier's clear Boy Brow). But if you opt for soap, start by getting the bar slightly wet. Next, apply the soap to your spoolie, and brush your brow hairs up, spreading the soap throughout. To finish the look, apply a brow powder to any sparse areas as needed. 


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