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We Interview ‘Girl Of Your Dreams’ Singer Dylan
The 22-year-old artist talks burnout, Ed Sheeran and writing an intentionally “pick me” song.
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ColourPop Cosmetics Introduces Its First Ever Hair Dye
Try silver, violet, turquoise, peach, raspberry or chestnut hues today.
Ariana Grande's 'God Is A Woman' Body Care Collection Has Arrived
Find an Ulta ASAP.
Your Favorite Sundae Topping Has Turned Into...Sunscreen?
All the details on this sunscreen-meets-dessert combo.
Emma Watson Is The Face And Heart Of Prada's New Fragrance
But she's “more than just a muse.”
Transform Your Makeup Routine With Urban Decay’s She-Hulk collection
This may be Marvel’s best collaboration yet.
Say Goodbye To Cheetah Print And Hello To Cow Print Nails
Book a nail appointment and give this trend a try.
Millie Bobby Brown's Latest Nail Look Speaks To Gen Z Fashion
Our favorite Hawkins hero meets the Y2K era.
These Coffin Nail Designs Are Fun, Stylish And Perfect For The End Of Summer
These not-so-spooky nails are going nowhere
Keke Palmer Speaks For Anyone Who Has Adult Acne With This Post
Let the plastic surgeons of the world hear Ms. Palmer's message.
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Get A Collagen Boost With This Vegan Alternative To Collagen Supplements
Rae Wellness' Vegan Collagen Boost Powder supports your body's natural production of collagen.
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Doja Cat Decided To Shave Her Head And Hasn't Looked Back Since
How Doja's hair journey led her to shave off her eyebrows on IG Live.
Soap Brows: How A Bar Of Soap Took Over The Beauty World
Your guide to perfecting this TikTok favorite
Sephora Announces Its New Collaboration With Complex
The next destination for beauty content is coming.
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Billie Has A Plan For Reducing Body-Hair Stigma
This brand started by educating consumers on the "pink tax." Now, it wants young generations to accept and embrace their body hair.