Billie Has A Plan For Reducing Body-Hair Stigma

This brand started by educating consumers on the "pink tax." Now, it wants young generations to accept and embrace their body hair.


At some point in your early adolescence, you first held the stigma for body hair. Perhaps someone presented it to you in a box, filled with advice on what it really means to be a man and woman. Maybe a commercial flickered past you as you ate a bowl of cereal. Perhaps a gymnasium’s jeers taught you not to make the same mistake that others did. 

The expectations surrounding body hair will not be splintered easily. However, Billie (a body care and razor brand) hopes to at least reduce the stigma. Though the brand has always championed freeing the pit and often quips about uneven leg hair, its new “Rules of Body Hair” campaign takes body-hair embracement to a new height. On the Billie official Instagram account (@billie), the brand stated that it wants teens and future generations to escape “outdated and unfair expectations to be hairless.”

In a post from July 26, 2022, Billie revealed a 50-second clip directed by Femke Huurderman and starring Raksha Bharadwaj. In the video, a young girl unfurls a parchment of “rules” and reads out some of the juxtaposing expectations. For example, she notes that for head hair, society says, “the more the better,” but for body hair people say,“the less the better.” Moreover, while men with a ‘stache achieve an “old school cool,” any woman with a ‘stache is asked “‘would you like us to wax that?’”


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Georgina Gooley (co-founder of Billie) even hopes to make body hair part of children’s education. On July 27, the Billie Instagram account shared Gooley’s book, A Kid’s Book About Body Hair. According to the post, the book will “give kids a positive intro to their fuzz–why it’s there, how it changes, and what to say to the haters.” Plus, 100% of its net proceeds will be donated to youth charity organizations in the US. 


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You can find a copy of A Kid’s Book About Body Hair here for $19.95 USD, and you can browse other Billie products on its website

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