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How to Find The Right Eyebrow Shape to Flatter Your Face

It's all about the angle.


Ultra-thin, barely-there eyebrows have finally gone the way of shoulder pads and white eyeshadow. The natural, bold eyebrow is in, but this concept can take many forms. Your brow’s style has a huge impact on your overall look, and small changes can take your aesthetic up several notches. Here, we’ll cover some eyebrow shapes that can enhance your natural features and keep you looking polished 24/7.

 What’s Your Face Shape?

Ultimately, your eyebrow shape should complement and balance your features to give a sleek and refined look. Face shapes vary as widely as body shapes. Who would have thought that your BFF’s amazing eyebrow work would look completely different on you? Well, before you run off to the spa, consider these face shapes and figure out which one best matches your own.


Round faces are characterized by lovely, wide-set cheekbones and a delicately rounded chin. This shape often maintains a youthful impression, regardless of age. If this sounds like you, try to add sleek lines for a more contoured look. A highly-arched eyebrow shape that uses straight lines to the peak of the brow is perfect for lengthening your face and giving it balance. You almost can’t have too much arch on this face shape. This eyebrow will give you the edgy, grown-up look you’ve been craving. 


For this slightly longer version of a round face, your brow shape should follow a natural arch. Oval is probably the most neutral of the face shapes and doesn’t require much fuss. Lucky! A subtle, understated arch is perfect for you. Even though you don’t require a dramatic brow, you should still keep your brows clean and groomed for a refined look.


Square faces are usually characterized by a uniform width from jawline to forehead, a defined square jawline, and pointed chin. These characteristics give the appearance of a wider, more open. If you have a square face, go for an eyebrow shape that softens your features. We recommended soft curves and angles and discourage overly-rounded or flat brows.


If you have a rectangular face, avoid higher arches. Try a more rounded eyebrow shape. This will visually shorten your face and give it a beautifully balanced appearance. 

 Diamond or Heart Shape

The sharp, stunning lines on a diamond or heart-shaped face definitely benefit from a gently-curved brow. Your pointed chin even provides an excellent reference point for contouring your face. Imagine that your chin is the point of a heart, and your eyebrows are the upper curves, shape your eyebrows to form an adorable heart shape.

 How to Get The Perfect Eyebrow

 There are so many ways to groom your eyebrows, it can be hard deciding which one is best for you. As with most other things, it will probably take a bit of trial and error to figure out which method you like best. A great first step is to find your natural arch. Here are a few more pointers for the most popular methods.


When done correctly, this method produces a very clean and polished finish. While it can be a bit pricey, a talented threading professional can take your eyebrows to the next level and make you feel ready to conquer your world. Professional threading is usually faster and catches more of the shorter hairs surrounding your brows. However, if you have loose skin, this option might be a bit painful.


Waxing is the elder statesman of eyebrow grooming and is still widely found in most spas and salons. Waxing is a good option for those trying to pare down excessively bushy eyebrows. Usually, the esthetician will wax off excess hair then go in with tweezers to create the shape. This option is good for pretty much all hair and skin types.


Tweezing is a good option for at-home touch-ups when you notice a few stray hairs, or if you can’t find anyone to do your eyebrows just the way you like them. For easy grooming, try tweezing after you’ve washed your face with warm water because the warmth will help open up the pores, making it a bit easier. Also, be sure to apply aloe vera to your brows when you’re done to soothe irritation and prevent redness.

 In the end, choose the shape that you love. Your confidence will be as obvious as the beautiful brows on your face.

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