The Whats And Hows To Effortless Brows

Up your brow game with these 5 Must-Have products.


If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then we have to assume the eyebrows are the frames. And if nothing else, they are undoubtedly the frames to the artwork that is our face. Either way, it makes sense, doesn’t it? The way we take such painstaking effort to shape them just right, plucking just enough hairs here, drawing on some added hairs there, as if carefully curating the look of each individual hair meant the thing it revealed would be that much more elevated. And maybe it does mean that.

If in possession of a Degas (the beautiful paintings of ballerinas, not the misogynistic man), what frame would you choose for it? How about Van Gogh’s The Starry Night? Anything less than a gilt frame? Neither would we. So we understand the struggle of trying to make your eyebrows the perfect frames for your face. Here are some products to get your brows to complement your face best.

Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil Waterproof Eyebrow Definer

This eyebrow pencil comes in 12 shades, so you can find your perfect match. It comes with an ultra-fine tip on one side to make thin, accurate strokes easy in the process of filling out the brows, and a handy spoolie on the other end to comb your hairs in place. Waterproof and promising to last up to 12 hours, this product is sure to be your go-to on nights out.

Shop it here for $24.00


Glossier Brow Flick

The Brow Flick by Glossier is not your normal brow pencil. It is, rather, your new favorite brow pen. Its brush tip creates “featherlike” markings so you can achieve those painterly strokes that look like real brow hairs with as little effort as a flick of the wrist. No makeup makeup, anyone?

Shop it here for $18.00 USD.


Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Sculpting Wax Pencil And Styler

Fenty Beauty absolutely nailed it with this wax pencil brow styler. Just press the clear wax (fit for all shades of brows to use) onto your brows in upward motions and go through them with the styler end of the pencil to comb them in place. Those frames are staying put all night, trust us.

Shop it here for $20.00 USD.


Iconic London Brow Silk

This one takes after the concept of the infamous “soap brow,” but without the soap. It involves dipping a brush into the container full of product made from jojoba oil, candelilla wax, and shea butter and using that to comb your brows into place. And just like that, those hairs are SET.

Shop it here for $25.00 USD.


Glossier Boy Brow

And coming in last (but not least), is the Glossier Boy Brow. Who doesn’t rave about this product? This thickening, grooming brow gel comes with a small brush that allows to comb each and every place into the very place you want them to be. It comes in four colors and a clear alternative, so you can pick and choose what goes best with you and your brows.

Shop it here for $16.00 USD.


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