Valentino Makeup Is Coming

And, we are sooo ready.


The long-awaited moment is here. Valentino Beauty is on its way to save our tired beauty routines with what creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli, calls “uniqueness, extravaganza, and experimentation.” Valentino is known for its dramatic, risk-taking makeup looks that accompany its consistently groundbreaking runway moments. Since luxury fashion houses introducing makeup lines has become commonplace, we’ve all been hoping to see a Valentino contribution to the beauty scene. Now, not only are they dropping a full collection, but it’s going to be big and inclusive with 40 foundation shades, 50 lipstick shades, and a selection of eye products

Inclusivity is one of the brand’s focuses. The fashion house said in a statement, “Valentino Beauty is human beauty, a couture makeup open to all genders, ages, and cultures.” Furthermore, “Pierpaolo really wanted to have this balance between couture and the clash,” global president of Valentino Beauty, Garance Delaye, told Business of Fashion, “It’s very couture but at the same time it’s for all individuals.” To reflect this, the accompanying campaign will feature both models and non-models-- each one representing a different “shade of Valentino” that will mesh together to create a “Valentino chorus.” We cannot wait to hear it. We’re keeping our ears and eyes open for the big product reveal, which is set for May 31st in London, followed by a worldwide launch in August.


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