Valentino’s Virtual Fall 2021 Haute Couture Show Was A Night At The Circus With Models Performing On Acrobatic Swings

Pierpaolo Piccoli showcased 16 dreamy bridal gowns.


Valentino displayed a breathtaking digital show that was a wedding aisle in the sky. The Fall 2021 Couture Show featured models floating and performing acrobatics on rises and aerial wires while dressed in 15 awe-inspiring, oversized silhouettes of cascading ruffles, feathers and more. 

Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Director of Valentino teamed up with London-based photographer Nick Knight to capture the otherworldly presentation of all-white looks. "White, the sum of all colors, captures the blank slate of this new beginning, the sense of infinite possibilities. White as a sheet of paper waiting for it to be filled with lines and ideas. White as the toile, a symbol of the workmanship and dedication, the first step in the construction process...a possibility," Piccioli said in a statement. The white in the haute couture collection is a symbol of the new beginning in a world that has been engulfed by a global pandemic.  

Flowers, birds, and enveloping light were projected on to the gowns in Nick Knight’s digitally manipulated film. The stunning show ran to a soundtrack “Magdalene” performed by FKA Twigs which perfectly added to the haunting beauty of the show.

Each look in the couture range offers a new take on what a modern bride could be – futuristic & daring. Take a peek at the full Haute couture performance on Youtube.

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