2022’s Trending Autumn Hair Colors

Spice up your seasonal look.


Stepping into a new season means stepping into a new version of yourself, and leaving your Summer persona behind. Fancy a change but you’re not sure on which direction to go? I’ve got you covered with fresh colours trending this Fall

Dark Brunette

Dark Brunette is the vibe this Autumn, with the likes of Zendaya making an appearance with these luscious locks. George Northwood states that, “We’ll be seeing a lot of rich, luxurious, nearly black brunettes - enhancing the skin’s natural undertones”. 

Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice, a trend in the 1980’s-90s seen on stars such as Annie Lennox. This vibrant red shade looks like it is making a comeback this Fall, with stylist Neil Moodie saying that the best way to stop this shade from fading, is to “try Annie Lennox’s trick from the ‘80s as a little top up in between color visits”.


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Blonde With Seasoning

Blonde With Seasoning is making an appearance, as well as adding a ‘strawberry base’. Hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons says how “It’s such a dynamic shade, and a great colour for Autumn because the warm tones are flattering”. With Northwood adding how customers will be asking for “bright, vivid luminous blondes that are seamlessly executed with no visible regrowth”.  


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Lift Lights

Lift Lights are for those who find it difficult to fully commit to a colour. Colorist Luci Green recommends only lighting your hairline. “Avoiding bleaching the rest of your hair will keep your locks in good condition - It instantly freshens up your look”.


Extension Of Summer

Extension Of Summer is a simple approach to naturally lightening your hair color, that many opted for this year during the warmer season. Adam Reed, Colorist and Hairstylist clarifies that “It’s all about warmth this season - with shades ranging from marmalade to burnt toffee to corn - Adding golden beige and warmer reds will give a really amazing density and richness”.   


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