Top Date Ideas For Autumn

Tis the season to add some (pumpkin) spice to your relationship.


As we head firmly into fall season, it’s prime time to up our dating game. Whether you’ve been loved up with your S.O for years or are newly single and trying to get back out there – we’ve got you covered. From outdoorsy cliches like pumpkin picking to vamping up your typical cozy night in, there are countless ways to re-ignite the spark in your love-life this Autumn. 

Just because the weather is getting cooler, doesn’t mean that the heat needs to dissipate for you and your partner. Taking advantage of the crisp air and any excuse to cuddle is practically obligatory. (Sorry – we don’t make the rules). After basically skipping a year of seasonal festivities, there’s no excuses! 

Here are our top cozy date ideas for what’s arguably the most romantic time of year, so you can indulge in the cutest couple activities that fall has to offer. 

Embrace The Outdoors 

Whether it be a scenic stroll, a bike ride, or a snuggly picnic – anything that involves jumping in some leaves is a must-do this season. If you opt for getting your steps in by venturing on a romantic hike, then be sure to time it correctly so you can capture the perfect sunset pic. If you can’t show off on the gram with your S.O in fall, then when can you? Just be sure to wrap up warm, or, failing that – make sure your partner is prepared for lots of handholding and cuddling for when it gets a bit chillier. 

If you aren’t the active types, then go all-out with a fall picnic. Unpack your thermos-contained drinks and cozy up underneath a plethora of blankets. Simplicity is key – if you want to up the romance even more, schedule in some stargazing too. 

Do Anything Pumpkin Related 

We know it’s a cliché but visiting a pumpkin patch with your beau is kind of a must-do activity as we rapidly approach Halloween. Pick out your favorite pumpkin for you and your partner to whittle away and make it into a night of jack-o-lantern carving festive fun. 

Give “Netflix and Chill” A Spooky Revamp 

Mix up your movie-nights by going to a drive-in-cinema. Opt for the scariest movie you can find, with an array of cinema snacks and duvets at the ready. While Netflix and chill is a night-in-staple for most couples – is there anything more romantic than a movie night under the stars? 

You can even recreate this one in the comfort of your own home. Simply situate your laptop in a cute back garden or roof-top set-up (preferably with some fairy lights) for a spooktacular night with your other half. 

Go All Out For Halloween 

Whether you throw a Halloween party, go to one, or simply dress up and re-enact some kinky role-play – any excuse to wear a costume will certainly spice things up with your beau. 

If you really want to make a statement, couple-co-ordinate your outfits, or keep your partner on his toes and do a big reveal on the night itself. Keeping him guessing about whether you’re going to opt for Lara Croft vibes or Catwoman is guaranteed to get those sexual juices flowing. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve been wanting to revamp your sex life and haven’t found the right opportunity to mix it up yet, now is your chance. 

So, when you’re feeling like your dating life is stuck in a rut, or you and your partner are stumped with what to do on your next excursion – take a leaf out of our book. While you may not want to recreate all these ideas, hopefully they’ll provide you with some invaluable inspo so you can make the most of your love-life this fall! 

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