Date Inspo That Doesn't Involve Alcohol

Wine and dine? nope, just dine, sorry.


Yeah yeah, we love a glass of vino on a date and BOY does it help to calm those nerves, but every now and then it could be refreshing to ditch the alcohol. Although a drink can help take the edge off and warm up your convos, these date ideas are still entertaining and fun! Plus, it could be nice to not rely on alcohol for your funny side to come out for once hehe! 

#1 Outdoor Picnic


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Sit on the grass and be at one with nature with some tasty aperitifs. A great chance to get to know your date better and to get some fresh air together in the countryside. 

#2 Play Mini-Golf

It might sound totally lame and like you’re at a 10-year-olds bday party but mini-golf can be a great ice-breaker and is a great laugh (as long as you’re not Mrs competitive! But also don't let him let you win!)


#3 Walk-in a favorite park

A daytime date can be so cute and if there is ever an awkward silence the surrounding distractions will be your best friend. Also, taking the dog is never a bad shout. Another trusty silence filler.

#4 Sunset On The Beach


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Oh, so romantic! Walk along the beach, play around in the sea, even build sandcastles together! (We're not judging, just a suggestion) Watching the sun go down is always a vibe. 

#5 Go And Watch A Show

If you feel nervous sitting across your date at a restaurant, watching an entertaining show on Broadway or the West End is a perfect low-pressure idea to take the focus off of you. Get to know each other in breaks and talk about the show! Great conversation starters!

#6 Meet For Coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee? (if he doesn’t, time to re-evaluate our options ladies). A coffee shop with a cozy, warm bustling atmosphere is a smart move, with everyone else engaged in convos you can focus on you guys and really get to know one another.


#7 Visit a museum

An affordable date choice, museums present opportunities for lots of interesting conversations and won’t leave you in silence. Pick a cool one though some museums are a tad of a snooze.


#8 Share Your Fave Hobby

But make sure he’ll enjoy himself too, so if you love knitting, maybe think again, unless he loves to knit then we are here for that! Hiking, sight-seeing, golfing, paddle boarding - whatever it is you, love, it is never a terrible idea to share your passion (and showcase your talent!) 


#9 Go For Tapas

Tapas is a casual vibe and the restaurants are usually noisy and full of people. There is nothing worse than a table for 2 in a dead restaurant. Pick at pinchos and patatas bravas all night long. Easy!


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