Lily James Transforms Into A Versace Goddess With Bleached Brows

Did we mention that she cut blunt bangs too?


Lily James’ claim to fame is marked by gasp-inducing metamorphoses. One minute, she’s living out a Cinderella fairytale, complete with a Swarovski-encrusted gown and honey blonde curls. The next, she’s posing as a sex symbol, prosthetic breasts and all, in Pam & Tommy. But this month, she’s a mythological deity – blunt bangs, bleached brows, black lip, all in the name of Versace


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The Versace Fall/Winter 2022 campaign sees a raven-haired James, raising high the new Greca Goddess bag. Her all-black ensemble, a seductive combination of latex gloves and a waist-cinching corset, lends her a gothic aesthetic. But it’s the risk-taking beauty moves that conclude the transformation. 

James bid adieu to her caramel blonde shade, opting instead for jet-black hair and an audacious micro-fringe. She wore black lipstick to match, a stark contrast against her freshly bleached brows. Her chameleon-like prowess in action, the rebellious photoshoot stars not James, but a Versace goddess in the flesh.

Says Donatella Versace of James’ transformative talent, “When Lily got in front of the camera she transformed! Wearing the collection unlocked her own personal attitude and she took on a new energy and power. That’s exactly how you should feel when wearing Versace!”

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