Lorde Goes Blonde Girl Summer At The Glastonbury Festival

The “Solar Power” singer debuted a new hair color.


As indie pop’s goth princess, Lorde is hardly ever spotted in bright, lively colors. But this weekend, at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK, she supplied just that. The New Zealand artist waved goodbye to her lengthy chestnut tresses, opting instead for a sun-kissed, bleached blonde shade.

Lorde sported the new look with aplomb, her hair tastefully slicked behind her ears. Styled with her signature middle-part, she curled her ends loosely to reinvent her famously ringletted mane. As legions of Lorde fans know, the musician has stunned in blonde before. When she debuted her “Mood Ring” music video last year, she wore an icy-blonde, Game of Thrones-esque wig to unforgettable effect. We’re pleased to confirm that this time around, the color is here to stay, solidifying her evolution from witchy chic to blonde girl summer.

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