Kylie Jenner Sports 'Skunk Hair' In New Photoshoot

What a throwback!


In Kardashian form, Miss Jenner broke the internet AGAIN! September 15th she uploaded the official photos for her CR Fashion Book cover shoot, on Instagram. The inspiration behind the outfits are very 2000s meets Harijuku, accompanied with thin eyebrows and fuller lips, referencing the Pamela Anderson days.

If we weren’t obsessed enough, a few slides in and Kylie is seen sporting the ‘Skunk Hair’. As the style consists of zero shadows, the ‘pin-straight hair, hime-style layers and blunt bangs’, enhances the beautiful contrast of black and red coloring.

“What is ‘Skunk Hair’?” -  I hear you ask…well picture this. It's October of 2002, you’re sitting watching MTV and Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirty’ appears on the screen. Her blonde hair featuring; black, blocked highlights, puts you in a state of euphoria. You find yourself begging your mum for clip-in highlights to transform yourself into the iconic singer, and from there the obsession begins. 

This bold look consists of juxtaposing ‘2 high-contrast’ colors together, creating a stand out style. Jackson Heller, a colorist based in New York stated “This (trend) is cool and edgy, to begin with, so you make the rules - you can decide how to maintain it”. 

Now spotted on the likes of Bella Hadid, as well as Billie Eilish - who made her statement on the look with neon green roots! For those who aren’t interested in coloring, opt for ‘hair chalk or colourful clip-in extensions’. 

So…are you going to embrace the Skunk? 

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