Express Yourself With Some Freehand Freedom

This falls new trend.


I for one am not shy of a hair change. I love trying new styles and colours (I am currently sporting a blonde buzzcut!). Additionally, I have dabbled in using scissors and cutting my own bangs and layers…not all resulting in a great outcome unfortunately. 

But if you are like me; a fan of trendy styles that accentuates your creativity and personality, try freehand hair cutting. 

This trend is all about leaving all the rules of using combs and washing your hair behind, and diving in with just scissors and dry locks. Cutting dry hair allows your stylist to work ‘intuitively with your hair type’, enhancing the shapes and textures. It gives stylists the chance to create something that flatters the clients hair and facial features. As well as, being perfect for those who prefer the more low-maintenance look!  
The freehand trend is well known to work well on curly hair, with stylists being able to “work with the curl, not against it”

‘Mullet Mommy’ @LAURA.SPINNEY.CREATIVE on Instagram, states how she believes the style is “more about gender fluidity and gender expression”. As in the past years, building up to today, we can see that hair is an important forefront for people to experiment and express their identity.


This technique has in return, created room to discuss and embrace change, alongside challenging gender norms. 

So…what will your style be?

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