Achieve The Famous Kardashian/Jenner Baby Doll Blush Look Using This New Hack

Will you be mid-tone blushing this fall?


The Kylie Jenner baby doll blush has always been in high demand with fans wanting to know her makeup artists' tips and tricks to achieve this doll-like look. Well, wait no more! Mid-tone blushing has blown up on TikTok and we absolutely love it. 

Mid-tone blushing is meant to give a sort of gradient effect on your cheeks, so, the trick is to take your blush like usual and place it on like normal and then you take a lighter blush but this time you put it right under your eye but above your usual blush placement and blend them together.

We are OBSESSED with this new blush hack, and if you are and want to buy some new products to achieve this look, we’re going to save you some time and recommend some of our favorite products! Of course, not everyone's the same tone so we will be recommending a couple for all the girlies to enjoy!

Kylie cosmetics

Since this whole look was inspired by Kylie it's only right to list some products from her own makeup line.

Winter Kissed Pressed Blush - $19

Rosy Pressed Blush - $19

Juvias Place

The Juvias Place duo blush comes in 6 different volumes, shades for all skin tones, and creates different looks. 


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Blushed Duo Blush - $16


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