New Hair Trend Alert: Foilayage
New Hair Trend Alert: Foilayage

New Hair Trend Alert: Foilayage

An upgrade from balayage


What is foilayage?

A fairly new highlighting trend has hit the salons and we are itching to go and get pampered! You probably haven't heard of foilayage yet and are searching for some meaning? Well, foilayage is a combination of balayage with the use of foils that will create brighter, lighter sections of hair whilst keeping a natural look all over the head. Every brunette needs to get on board if you are wanting to see for yourself if blondes actually do have more fun! The ideal service for a dramatic color change. 


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How is it applied?

Your colorist will section pieces of hair and strategically apply the hair dye, wraps the section in foils, and leave to develop. The use of foils speeds up the lightning process to help achieve the brilliance you are after quicker! This process will amplify the brightness and lightness of the hair while retaining the dimensional effect of balayage. It is all down to the skill of the colorist (don't want to scare you but let's hope they're good!) as sections have to be carefully painted, leaving out the root most of the time to enhance hair color. 


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What are the benefits? 

  • You will see a more vibrant brighter balayage effect and your hair will look as if it's naturally lighter from the sun.
  • A gradient of color from root to tip - no harshness from stripey highlights and a well-blended color.
  • Low maintenance.
  • The color grows out well.
  • Achieve a natural finish.

We are struggling to see the negatives here of this new trendy technique and are super keen to try out a spot of foilayage before all the celebs do! Race you to the salon gals!


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