Burberry Donates 12,00 Meters Of Fabric To British Fashion Students

This is just one of the many ways Burberry works to make the fashion industry more sustainable!


When it comes to sustainability in fashion, Burberry has been a stitch above other luxury brands. They are globally carbon neutral, they make sure that all of their products have environmental or social benefits, and they plan to be Climate Positive by 2040. Even with all of these accomplishments, Burberry has just taken another step towards sustainability by continuing their donations to British fashion schools in partnership with the British Fashion Council

The ReBurberry Fabric programme was launched by Burberry and the BFC in 2020. The British Fashion Council is a non-profit founded in 1983 whose goal is to help the British fashion industry be a global leader in responsible and creative business. One of the avenues through which the council accomplishes this goal is by making British fashion circular and sustainable. The ReBurberry Fabric programme helps accomplish this same goal by donating old fabric to British fashion schools and students. This July marks the second donation from Burberry, a donation of 12,000 meters to over 30 fashion schools and universities in the United Kingdom. 

Burberry Responsibility Programme Directory, Nicole Lovett, explains that donating Burberry’s excess fabrics helps ensure a better future in the fashion industry. She claims that these fabrics are “...materials and tools [that] help their creativity thrive..”, and UK fashion students agree. 3rd year Honors Fashion student at Edinburgh College of Art, Cayley Cochrane, explains that the materials from Burberry allowed to experiment and combine “...draping stretch wool… with my handwoven and braided rope into a one-of-a-kind creation.” 1st year Honors Fashion Design student at University of Brighton, Georgia Bate, points out the experimenting with different fabrics in trailing stages at school can not only be wasteful but also “...really limited and hard to do when keeping to a budget.” By giving students this fabric,  Burberry is making fashion more accessible and available, which will only lead to a better future for the industry.

Burberry’s fabric donations should be an inspiration to other luxury brands. The fashion industry has a responsibility to support future designers. Mentoring young artists and creating a better planet for their future are two of the most important things the fashion industry can do, and Burberry sets an example for other companies to follow.

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