Singapore – The Cleanest City In The World

Start looking to the future and mapping out where you can go.


While the popularity of the staycation is rising and rising in a world just coming out of lockdown, which has seen many UK holidaymakers without somewhere to stay, it would seem that the holiday abroad may have to take a backseat over the next year or two.

If you can’t find somewhere in the UK at the moment, now is the ideal time to start looking to the future and mapping out where you can go. However, finding the right places is key, and one thing many holidaymakers want more than anything, especially now, is a destination known for its cleanliness.

Enter, Singapore.

Known for being amazingly spotless, and with plenty of serviced apartments in Singapore, maybe this is the place to go once you can travel aboard again.

Visiting Singapore

Not just amazingly spotless, Singapore is one of the cleanest places to visit in the entire world. Everywhere from its streets and beaches to parks and inner-city areas are looked after to ensure that they’re immaculate at all times.

Not bad for a place that was considered one of the world’s filthiest back in the 1960s when it became independent.

But, while this makes it a destination you’ll want to visit in a heartbeat, especially if the thought of litter freaks you out, you’re probably wondering how Singapore stays so clean.

Well, you’ll find out how Singapore manages this, below.


Firstly, no country, city, or any area for that matter gains the level of cleanliness that Singapore has overnight. It has taken decades of campaigning to ensure the city got clean and stayed clean.

The first ‘Keep Singapore Clean’ campaign began in 1968, which included fines for littering. This spurred the country on, introducing an annual tree planting day to help Singapore get greener, and campaigns to keep water, rivers and toilets clean came soon after. Then in 1992 the import and sales of chewing gum were banned, so there would be no more unsightly chewing gum on the pavements.


While many places look at cleaning as a lowly job, this isn’t the case in Singapore. After all, you don’t get a sparkling country unless everyone takes pride in cleaning.

Aside from hundreds of volunteers, who take part in helping to keep the streets clean, you’ll find 56,000 registered cleaners (2018) in Singapore.


We mentioned fines above, and while fines for littering may sound odd, they do help. First introduced over 50 years ago, the maximum fine for littering is $300, while in 2016 alone the country issued 31,000 littering fines. Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t go dropping a piece of paper if it could cost you that much, however, the economy is probably grateful to those that do.

While there’s much more being done, such as introducing smart bins, as you can see, if a clean holiday is your kind of holiday, Singapore should be in your future.


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