The Best Eyelash Serums For Longer Lashes

Naturally enhance, lengthen, and thicken.


Imagine having naturally long, thick eyelashes, without the need for lash extensions, false lashes or even mascara! It may seem like a fantasy, but this dream can become your reality with a little help from eyelash serums! That’s right, by finding the right one for you and applying it continuously, you could have the eyelashes you’ve always wanted! 

If you’re new to eyelash serums, don’t worry, we’ve got the best ones for you! 

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

This is the known, go-to eyelash serum to help your lashes grow longer with a natural curl, as well as making them appear thicker.

Their overall health is visibly better with this popular serum. Retailing at $150, it is more on the expensive side but worth it for the lashes! This serum can be purchased online.

L’Oreal Eyelash Serum

This is a more affordable yet effective eyelash serum as its star ingredient is arginine. This is key in keeping the lashes long and healthy as arginine holds keratin and collagen.

Helping the lashes appear long, this serum also focuses on reducing brittle lashes. Retailing at $16, this serum can be bought online from L’Oreal.

E.l.f Cosmetics Enhancing Lash & Brow Serum

This is a popular serum as it is infused with castor oil and hyaluronic acid, meaning that the lashes are kept hydrated!

Castor oil is known to help hair grow faster but isn’t always recommended to apply pure castor oil to the lashes. Hence why this serum has the perfect combination to keep your lashes looking long and healthy! Retailing at only $8, this serum can be purchased online.


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