4 Effective CBD Products For Beginners

A solution to many physical and mental ailments.


There are many benefits to using cannabidiol (CBD), a compound in the hemp plant. Many have touted CBD as an amazing and effective remedy for an array of issues and discomforts. Some of the most common uses for CBD are pain, inflammation, anxiety and depression. Additionally, there are studies and testimonies that posit CBD as a solution to many physical and mental ailments. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects on its users. Instead of getting a “high,” they feel its calming and pain-relieving characteristics take effect.

CBD Can Be as Simple as ABC

Although it may seem like a lot of technical information, understanding the differences between the types of cannabinoids and the differences in their effects can help you find the most effective solution to the problem you are looking to solve.

The human body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which, in part, aids in the regulation and functionality of emotional responses and the immune system. Various studies suggest CBD binds to the ECS and helps to reduce inflammation, pain or other aspects impacted by the ECS. CBD comes in many different forms but is ultimately extracted from hemp, which can contain 0.3% of THC. Because CBD does not produce a psychoactive reaction, it has a wider variety of everyday uses compared to THC.

1. Oils

CBD oils are some of the most commonly found CBD products. CBD oil is often mixed with carrier oil for use and distribution. Some oils can be topically applied, while others can be consumed. Lotions and balms are commonly used to treat aches and pains in the body.

CBD oils that can be ingested are typically added to food or beverages. Many bands come in glass bottles with droppers. Following the instructions included with oil, individuals can dispense the correct amount of drops into a glass of juice or some yogurt. Additionally, food-safe CBD oils can be applied sublingually for faster absorption into the body.

2. Edibles

Although they come in the form of products that look similar to THC edibles, CBD edibles do not produce the same effects. Unlike the escapades that ensue in a funny marijuana edible story everyone has heard, CBD will produce a calming feeling instead. They can come as gummy candy, chocolate or as dessert treats like cookies.

Additionally, there are products such as mints, honey, syrups and elixirs. As more CBD edible products become available, you are likely to find something you like.

3. Drinks

Just as there are a large variety of food items, there is an expansive selection of beverages. From sodas to juices and sparkling waters, many CBD drinks come pre-portioned and ready to drink. You can crack open a cold and refreshing CBD drink on a hot day.

There is also a wide variety of hot beverages for cold days. From CBD lattes to teas, there are many ways to warm up, rejuvenate and relax.

4. Flowers and Distillates

Very similar in appearance to a typical marijuana flower, a CBD flower can be used in the same mediums, such as in rolling paper or glass pipes. CBD cartridges are also available for battery-powered pens.

Inhaling the vapors is the quickest way of feeling the effects of the CBD. It is excellent for dealing with chronic bouts of nerve pain.

Safely Using CBD

It is important to do your research and learn which type of product will best suit your needs. Many different products are available, making them generally accessible to people of all dietary and physical restrictions. With the continual development and adapting cultivation strategies, more and more high-quality products become available each day. More structured regulations mean reliable and consistent production means. Consumers are then able to focus on healing and relief as opposed to if they have purchased something illegitimate.

It is also important to understand Canada’s laws and regulations regarding the consumption of CBD and other cannabinoid products — and to know and understand local rules and information. Wherever you are located, there is a Canada dispensary out there that has all the items you love.

A Canada Dispensary to the Rescue

If you have questions about specific products and recommended dosages, budtenders at local dispensaries are excellent sources of insight and knowledge. Amicable experts on the subject, they are typically happy to help curious customers best understand their options. In addition, dispensary employees are also great people to ask for recommendations. They are sure to be knowledgeable on the current discourse and information regarding CBD products on the market.