Ever Body Green - Saie Beauty's Campaign Fighting Reproductive Justice

Her Body, Her Choice.


Reproductive rights will always be a divided debate. Personally eradicating these rights means you are abolishing a woman's voice and control over her body, and we must make every step, big or small, to take back ownership of our bodies

Beauty is one of the central topics of conversation within politics and culture, with 2020 awakening the civil and social anarchy that many brands have contributed.  
Saie is launching its first-ever campaign, collaborating with 35 beauty powerhouses, which was an easy process. Including the likes of; e.l.f. Cosmetics, Herbivore Botanicals, Nècessaire, and Glow Recipe, to generate conversation and raise funds. The limited-edition collection is a repackaged design of each brand's best-selling product. The “Every Body Counts” cartons take inspiration from the ‘green bandanas and smoke at abortion rights demonstrations'. 


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“Reproductive justice is important to me, but it’s also important to everybody at Saie and every one of the brands that are part of The Every Body Campaign - We are an industry started by, led by, run by, and profiting from women. We all know reproductive rights are human rights. This is a business no-brainer ” - Laney Crowell, Ceo and Founder of Saie.  

The brand is pushing for 'involvement around top-of-mind topics’, so this campaign's forefront is reproductive justice, with 100% of the funds raised supporting the campaign's partner, SisterSong. “They are the largest grassroots organization fighting for reproductive justice for indigenous people and people of color. And we know that people of color are not only the ones that started the reproductive justice movements, but are also the ones that are the most impacted by these abortion bans”. As the midterm elections are looming, the importance of this campaign is increasing rapidly. 

To help Saie’s campaign visit the Everybodycampaign.com.


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