The Season Of 'Crying Makeup'

Sad girls your time has arrived!


Crying is a great healer and form of self-expression. From Bella Hadid uploading pictures of herself crying to Lizzo tearing up singing Billie Eilish's "Happier Than Ever", it forms a positive message that it's okay to be vulnerable and sad. Now the crying selfie is becoming a “trend”, with celebrities like Nicola Peltz Beckham jumping onto the bandwagon and uploading ‘a series of low-res crying photos’ onto her Instagram. The appeal of the sad-girl aesthetic has likely grown from Euphoria's crying angel, Cassie. Who's appearance in season 2 was far shy of a drought. So it seems fitting that one of this year's viral Halloween videos is crying makeup

Makeup artist Zoe Kim Kenealy has gone viral with her “crying makeup” tutorial dedicated to the “unstable girlies”, with the caption “Can I go as a crying person for Halloween, or is that not a thing?”. 

During her video, Zoe shows us how to construct a “puffy, soft lip” using EM Cosmetics Soft Spoken Lips in the names Manifest and Intuition, finishing the lip with a brush to blur the edges. Her next step is creating redness using the Fenty Beauty Double Cheek’d Up palette, applying the product around the nose, cheeks, and eyes. Completing the sad girl aesthetic Zoe insists you; curl lashes, form a “glisten in the eyes’' by adding the AMTS liquid glitter shadow, and finally apply Vinyl Effect Eye Gloss by About Face onto your eyes and cupid's bow. Another artist's advice for people with darker skin tones is “For my black and brown girls use a darker red or purple to get this!”. 

@zoekimkenealy #greenscreen crying makeup look tutorial 😅 Can I go as a crying person for Halloween or is that not a thing #cryingmakeup #tearmakeup #cryingeyes #makeupforhalloween ♬ Show Me How (Album V) - Men I Trust

While this look is causing debate on whether everyone “looks good when they cry”, it generates conversation around feeling beautiful with our emotions. Another argument circulating the comments is those suggesting that the video is similar to Japanese Igari makeup ‘a blush-forward trend’ - which was predominantly popular in 2018. 

Overall, whether you love a good cry or enjoy being creative with your makeup, this trend is increasingly becoming popular and may get saved for your next Halloween look!


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