Halsey Has Given Us A Tutorial Of Her Coachella Makeup Look

It’s giving all the festival vibes!


If you follow celebs and social media influencers on Instagram, then you know its that time of year again, Coachella! The most instagrammable time of the year, where all the celebrities and social stars dress up in their ‘Coachella vibe’ outfits and pose in the fields of where the famous festival is held. 


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When thinking of clothing and makeup for Coachella, a completely different vibe comes to mind rather than your everyday look. Attendees tend to go for a hipster, cool look – an iconic vibe for you to look back to. 

One star has shared their very own Coachella look with us, and of course, it’s no other than Halsey. Not only is Halsey a well-known Coachella lover, but also has her own makeup brand, About Face – perfect in creating the Coachella look. 


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In an Instagram video, Halsey created her bold eye makeup look using her own products. We watch her go from bare faced to creating this unique, smokey eye look, matching the vibe of her Coachella outfit. She captioned the video “at the end of Coachella, I thought to myself, ‘I can’t believe my makeup lasted this long’ and then I remembered, oh ya I designed it to do that’.

The products she used can be purchased online, as well as the rest of her products so you can create your very own Coachella look!

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