10 Ways To Get More Followers & Likes on Instagram

Establish a devoted following that grows alongside your company.


Instagram can be an extremely targeted, attractive promotional tool for your business, as well as a way to establish a devoted following that grows alongside your company.

In fact, nearly 500 million people access Instagram nearly everyday, making it one of the most popular social media platforms.

However, much like any other social media platform, there are appropriate, inappropriate, and creative strategies to use your Instagram presence.

Following on Instagram are further than simply figures; they are part of your digital network.

Expanding your Instagram following, on the other hand, can allow you to drive more visitors to your website, improve sales, or even convert you into the trendiest figure.

Many organizations' social media presences have become centered on Instagram, which drives valuable exposure to landing pages, increases engagements, and builds a devoted community.
This has also influenced the emergence of a large number of social media marketing agencies that allow you to boost your Instagram account organically.

If your Instagram visibility is not nearly as strong as you would want, it is important to discover how to improve your techniques for gaining Instagram followers

As your audience expands, you'll have additional potential to interact with people and provide them with diverse insights.

We have in this post mentioned 10 ways to obtain more Instagram likes and followers. 

1. Adapt Current Reel Trends

You must definitely start making trending Instagram reels if you haven’t started doing that. Since Instagram launched its Reels feature, it has become the most significant one to boost your following on Instagram.

The short clips engage more users on Instagram these days as well as give you an opportunity to showcase your content in a creative manner.

Apart from the posts, IGTV and stories, reels have become the most engaging feature on the platform that helps gain more likes and followers.

If you are consistent on trends and making reels, there are a lot of chances that your content would be seen by the users that are not following you and might be interested in your content.

2. Post Memes and Other Sharable Content

Producing shareable content is a wonderful spot to begin when it regards proactively hitting new viewers.

Motivational quotations, instructional carousel articles, as well as memes are all tried-and-true forms, and one popular post can impact hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Memes, in specific, are extremely effective in spreading viral content, notably when they draw into current events. They're frequently amusing or creative, and they usually combine text and images.

To make a really effective meme, strike a mix between the popular visuals you're using, your intended viewer's emotion, and your brand's specialty.

The more individuals of your network connect with your meme, the more likely it is to be spread widely.

3. Have a Specific Business Model in Mind

Would you enter a store if you had no clue what it was selling? Isn't that the case on social media as well? 

For users to visit your account to become followers, you need a compelling perceived value and a niche which could be anything from styling suggestions, motivational quotations, to leisure content.

This does not, though, imply that all of your content must be entirely identical.

4. Make Your Post Captions More Searchable

Getting on to all the aspects that might help get your post seen by as many people is very important. 

In a new Instagram update, users can now search the content using keywords, which means you must focus on that aspect as well.

It would also help you get shown in the explore feed if you try being consistent with your posts and engaging content.

If it becomes difficult for you to think of new ideas every time, try noting them down when you feel like it so that you already have content to post as per your schedule. You can also try MegaFamous to get more Instagram likes and followers. 

5. Include Keywords

Did you realize that the keywords you use in your Insta bio's Name Field can be searched?

If your company focuses on natural skin products, for instance, you might want to use keywords like "skincare" or "beauty" in your Name Field. 

Consider your specialization, your market, your target audience, and the service you provide. If you are unsure, type the phrase into the Instagram search box and observe what comes up.

Expanding your Instagram profile may appear to be a difficult task, but with the appropriate approaches and ideas, you can certainly increase your Instagram following.

Uploading unique material, addressing the correct people, and taking advantage of Instagram's additional functions and trends are all part of the strategy.

6. Partner With Brands and Influencers 

Collaboration with like-minded individuals and businesses is a huge win-win opportunity. You'll be likely to reap the benefits of brand identification and gain access to a new audience.

What's the greatest thing? Collaboration doesn't have to be expensive. Straightforward and mutually advantageous collaborations are among the most productive.

To have an influence, you don't need to collaborate with mega-influencers. Nano and Micro-influencers have better interaction rates than macro-influencers, and their pricing cards for promoted articles are often smaller.

To achieve the very same viewer numbers as a Macro influencer, you'll need to engage with more Nano or Micro-influencers, thus the best technique will rely on your connectivity and money constraints.

7. Create a Powerful First Appearance by Curating Your Profile

For turning account visits into following, you'll need a well-planned Instagram stream that effectively displays your niche. If anybody visits your page, you need them to comprehend what it's all about right away. 

You can use a graphical organizer tool to organize your Instagram layout prior to when you publish to establish a uniform style that promotes your business.

Evaluate how your postings fit altogether as a group and how they make the first impact on somebody who visits your account for the very first time.

8. Organize a Giveaway on Instagram

Holding an Instagram contest might be one of the highly efficient ways to quickly expand your followers.

With the appropriate approach, you may attract lots of prospective new following while also strengthening your brand's impression of togetherness.

Set evident entry criteria that endorse your strategic objectives, like categorizing someone in comments, being able to share Instagram Stories, and following you on the platform.

Instagram giveaways are incredibly effective when they are done in collaboration with a creative or business that meets your intended crowd.

Hosting a good Instagram contest can propel your profile into the public consciousness, potentially engaging hundreds, if not millions, of potential members.

Keep involvement as seamless as possible, establish a customized hashtag to link the task directly to your business, and consider what people would appreciate engaging in for the greatest outcomes.

An Instagram contest is also a simple method to profit from the rise of user-generated content. One of the reasons Instagram contests are so popular is because they demand very little work from contestants.

Simply encourage users to upload an image on Instagram, including your distinctive hashtag, or like and share your post to participate.

9. Promote Across Different Platforms

Cross-promoting your Instagram profile on different networks is a wonderful way to get started if you're searching for new strategies to build your Instagram likes and followers.

TikTok is a useful application for promoting your Instagram account.

Linking your Instagram profile to your TikTok is among the first tasks you could do on TikTok to assure increased Instagram exposure.

After that, you can make a couple of TikToks to attract people to visit your Instagram page.

If TikTok is not an element of your promotion plan, you can send visitors to your Instagram account using your blog, online newsletter, podcasts, or perhaps any other social media network.

10. Approachable and Comprehensive Content

Over 430 million individuals worldwide are profoundly deaf, and at least 2.2 billion have sight problems.

Here are so easy steps you can take right now to make your Instagram account extra approachable and comprehensive:

Subtitles or textual overlaying can be added to media content  Create informative alt tags for your Pictures on Instagram by yourself. During storytelling and films, mention visual elements.

In Instagram hashtags, uppercase every word. This makes it easier for screen readers to interpret them loud correctly.


If you wish your Instagram account to expand steadily, you must provide your intended market with high content on a frequent schedule. For private profiles, fragmented social networking is fine, but companies have to be more deliberate.

All of the strategies we discussed will assist you to obtain more Instagram likes and followers, but they aren't one-time tasks. It's critical to remain on top of your social media marketing plan.

Planning and scheduling posts require a bit of time. It might also be difficult to maintain interest. Buffer allows you to handle every part of your Instagram promotional campaign in one place, from planning to statistics.