Cara Delevigne’s Unusual Walk at Fashion Week Has Sparked So Much Conversation

Delevigne returned to the runway but it wasn’t the brisk stroll we were all expecting.


Cara Delevigne has hit the runway for fashion week after several years of hiatus. What were people focused on the most? Her poise? Her ease? Her outfit? No, her unusual and rather out of character gait. 

From Burberry to Fendi, Delevigne has had her share of high-profile work in the industry, but  the former Victoria’s Secret Angel and Chanel bride has taken a break from modeling in order to focus on other aspects of her career, starring in Suicide Squad, Carnival Row, and, most recently, Only Murders in the Building. Aside from the occasional Savage X Fenty show, she has been avoiding the runway since 2019, and has particularly steered clear of fashion week. At least until this past week.  

Serving as a cameo, Delevigne walked for AMI at Paris Fashion Week, during which time the experienced cat walker made an interesting aesthetic choice with how she modeled the outfit. She confidently made her way down the runway, stepping heel-toe with one foot in front of the other, and her hands in the pockets of her stovepipe pants. It was perhaps the hands in her pocket that resulted in the clumsy shoulder shimmy that became the subject of social media trolling. 

Her shoulders moved back and forth more than usual, a departure from her usual runway looks. Delevigne is a star who has always embraced her weirdness, but the strangeness of her walk is something that people found hard to ignore.

After being heavily criticized for her questionable public behavior in the media in recent months, (in particular her uncomfortable interactions with Meghan Thee Stallion) this new wave of criticism towards Delevigne does not come as a surprise. 

Models are never supposed to detract from the outfit they are showcasing, hence the fact that they never showcase a smile with it. Her animated walking may have attracted more attention than the outfit did, but overall, it was a harmless walk that promoted the works of AMI at fashion week. 

Is it a strange walk or a new style? Is it a bold new statement or is she just rusty on the runway?

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