Southwestern Inspired Home Upgrades

Improve your home in a good old-fashioned southwestern way.


Upgrading your home isn’t just about increasing the resale value. There are loads of great reasons to upgrade. You might want to add a room to welcome a new family member. You could increase the size of the garage when your household gains another driver. The countless good reasons to make home improvements come from inspiration found all over the globe. This article will take inspiration from the American southwest.

Home Upgrades Inspired by the Southwestern USA

Looking through images of Texas real estate, there are similarities in the styles and trends of homes in the southwest. People who live in this area of the world have a specific taste in home improvements. These are some of the key upgrades many residents in this region make to improve their family homes.


Landscaping and Irrigation

Something you find in the deep south that you don’t find elsewhere are home irrigation systems. When you live in a cooler climate, you don’t have the eternal struggle of trying to keep the garden and grounds healthy. Instead of setting endless timers, you can add natural irrigation incorporated into professional landscaping. This upgrade is inspired by the wealthy homes in the dry heat of Texas, who don’t have the time to water plants and grasses all day.

The Pool Plaster Upgrade

Instead of choosing to have a plaster finish on your pool, installing natural stone is all the rage down south. Your pool is a status symbol as well as an essential tool for cooling off in high summer. Opt for a gunite finish or switch that pool from chlorinated to salt water. Upgrading the size of your pool, or the tiles, is another way to improve the appearance of your outdoor space. Improved pools are all the rage in Austin.



Decorating the Deck

Even small home owners in Austin enjoy a raised decking area to enjoy their garden from. A wooden deck finished with fairy lights creates one of the most atmospheric home upgrades available. You can finish the look with comfortable but weatherproof outdoor furniture. A couple of outdoor heaters or a fire pit would allow you to use the space mid-winter without fear of wintry weather. Some soft sherpa throws will wrap you up nicely.

HVAC and Energy Efficiency

Recent years have seen a surge in popularity for green energy and energy efficient appliances. Popular home upgrades in this area include solar panels on the roof or windmills in the garden. Upgrading your home to a Smart home, connecting devices that react to your presence, and using AI can all help improve your outage. Improving an aging HVAC unit or improving kitchen appliances can all shave dollars off your annual energy bills. Those dollars will soon add up enough to cover the cost of the upgrade. It’s the home upgrade that just keeps giving.