Personalize Your Home Decor With These Small and Budget-Friendly Touches

Make your house feel more like home.


If you’re like most homeowners, the urge to wow your guests (or make your neighbors jealous) at your unique charm in home design and décor may not be far from natural instinct. But oftentimes, satisfying this urge means spending tons of money on renovation or overhaul remodels, and new furniture.

Yet, personalizing your home with a few décor touches could be all you need to make it superbly inviting and comfortable without spending an arm and a leg. To satisfy your curiosity, below are a few budget-friendly touches you can use to personalize your home décor you could borrow.

Keep Your Home Fresh With Your Signature Fragrance 

Having a signature scent for personal use is awesome, right? Well, having one for your home will help leave a lasting impression and make your house feel more like home to yourself and your visitors.

At the very least, it's sure to keep your house smelling fresh, clean, and sophisticated. The best part is that you can even use scented candles or diffusers to elevate your decor by arranging them nicely and strategically placing them at a focal point in your home.

Add Your Favorite Plants or Flowers 

Add a hint of nature to your home decor by bringing in living plants or flowers that flaunt beautiful, vibrant colors and fragrances.

Simple container plants work well, as do full, large-sized trees or plants that change colors with the seasons, and flowers that bloom throughout the day or week. A bouquet of fresh flowers doesn't have to be expensive. To match your decor, you can order a flower box online as a small gift for yourself or your roommate. You can browse the latest floral trends, choose the most suitable flower, and even pick the time of delivery online, all while enjoying a cup of java. Picking flowers next to your furniture with your phone or a pad can be really convenient and an enjoyable afternoon activity. Over time, some of your visitors might think of you anytime they see a plant that looks similar to what you have in your home.

Upcycle Old Furniture into Decorative Features

Upcycling old furniture pieces into modern furnishings can be a great way to give the whole room a refreshed look, all at a fraction of the cost. From classic headboards to side tables, light fixtures, and even lamps, old items can look great in new ways, and give your home a beautiful, one-of-a-kind look. A good dose of creativity will be required here though.

Paint the Walls Afresh 

As a decoration-friendly accent, painting the walls of your home can be a game-changer. Whether you choose to create a classic white color that can age beautifully with time, or add a splash of color with bright reds and pinks, giving your walls a new coat can work wonders in communicating your personality.

If your walls are drywall, you may have to hire an experienced professional for the paint job, but if you have an accent wall, it might not be a herculean experience to handle the task by yourself. And after all, we all have a favorite color, don't we?

Use Custom Slogans on Pillow Cases, Doormats, and Other Fabric

Words have power in your home. Choose well. You can either use your own words as your welcome signs or your kids' favorite phrases, and either way, they can work wonders.

Alternatively, you could grab a script that's been designed especially for your house, and use it as your welcome sign. You can have them printed on some of your home furnishings, such as doormats, dish towels, rugs, and pillows.

Create Canvas Prints from Your Own Photos

Nothing quite gives personality to a home more than personal or family photos. This is why they are among the first few things home sellers put away when listing their homes. Photos preserve memories. They speak to personality, passion, love, and ownership. Most of all, they are also quite inexpensive to personalize home decor.

And if you want to enjoy these home décor pieces for ages to come, the canvas is one of the best materials to print your photos on. Citing them as one-of-a-kind pieces of home décor, the folks behind Mixbook canvas prints say that they can be customized to your exact preferences, especially in terms of size, framing needs, look, and feel.

You can use canvas prints to transform an otherwise dull wall into a focal point that will keep your room energetic and aesthetically striking. As you can see, home décor doesn’t require breaking the bank. A few simple touches of personality could do even more than an overhaul remodel.