Raw: A Darker Side Of Electronic-Indie From Sarah Carton

The EP releases on the 13th October.


If you’re interested in electronic music, R&B and the likes of Lily Allen and The Streets, but with a darker edge, then look no further than Sarah Carton and her new EP Raw which releases on the 14th October.

A singer, songwriter and producer, Sarah Carton’s work feels ethereal, experimental, real, and rather fittingly, raw. Having listened to the EP, I can say there is a dark beauty about the work, and that's certainly found in her latest single ‘The Edge’, which features as track two.

Throughout the work, the lyrics only impress with how truthful, real and intimate they feel. This is shown in the first single released from this EP entitled 'Fire', which goes on to feature a monologue, which is a brief but deserved moment that can only move the listener.

With six tracks, Raw manages to feel expansive yet intimate, dark but bright, and if all of this state's your desire, and if you’re interested in a slow, melodic and perhaps melancholic piece of music, check out this EP when it releases on the 14th. Additionally Sarah will be performing live at the Paper Dress Vintage Bar in Hackney on the 13th October.



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