5 Skincare Tips For Men

Because loving your skin isn't just a female thing.


Venturing into a beauty store - you see the array of variety that women have when it comes to skincare and beauty products. Yet in the far-off distance, lies a tiny aisle dedicated to the likes of 3-in-1 men products…so what choice does the male population have other than a routine that consists of a razor and cream?  
If you are said man, I’m here to guide you through some tips if you’re wanting to upgrade your routine, and swap your razor for a little TLC:

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is not only a beautiful addition to your bathroom shelf/ but encourages the growth of fresh skin cells. Additional benefits include; moisturizing and revitalizing skin, as well as having healing properties. 


Moisturizers are essential to your skincare routine! It has both healing and antioxidant advantages that result in younger, fresh-looking skin. Following a face wash or shower, apply the moisturizer straight to damp skin. 
Top tip -  make sure your moisturizer contains SPF, as it helps prevent damage to the skin and premature aging

Coconut Oil

Make coconut oil your best friend as it contains 'anti-inflammatory, therapeutic and antioxidant properties'. Certain skin types may not benefit from this product, so a safe option is to obtain a 'cold pressed variant' that will act as a great moisturizer

Lower Your Shower Temperature 

Opening up your skin to hot water over a long duration can result in the removal of natural oils, meaning duller-looking skin. It is advised that decreasing the temperature towards the end of your shower promotes blood flow, giving your skin ‘a more toned and youthful appearance’. 

Quit Smoking 

Exposing your skin to the various toxins in cigarette smoke causes premature aging, this is a result of the intensified ‘oxidative stress on your skin cells’ . 

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