Colourpop Brings The Wizarding World To Life!
Colourpop Brings The Wizarding World To Life!

Colourpop Brings The Wizarding World To Life!

Immerse yourself in your Hogwarts dream.


Picture this;  you’re walking home, the sound of Autumn leaves crunching under your feet. You can already taste the pumpkin spiced latte on your lips, as the excitement of changing into your oversized jumper covers your body…Autumn is here! 

My childhood was Harry Potter. I always associate cold, cosy nights with watching Harry, Ron and Hermoine getting up to mischief and saving the world on the big screen. I always wanted my own Hogwarts letter, and to get my hands on any piece of the Harry Potter world makes my inner child feel warm and happy. So, fellow Witches and Wizards, I am excited to announce that Colourpop is officially launching a Harry Potter Makeup Collection!  

Ranging from $10-$34 or purchase the full set for $170, Colourpop launches this magical collection that includes designs of all your favorite characters, and moments from the franchise! 

Dive into your wizarding world with their Back to Hogwarts Pressed Powder Palette ($34). The 24 shades consist of names like Nimbus 2000, Dementor and Butter Beer, and provide a mixture of; ‘metallic, matte, pressed glitter, matte sparkle and tie-dye finishes’.  
To electrify your eyelook use their Graphix Ink Liners ($10) that come in all 4 house colors!

Tap into your Luna Lovegood fantasy and apply their icy Lux Lip Gloss ($10) to give your lips that added sparkle. Their Lux Velvet Liquid Lipsticks come in 3 colors, dark red, blood orange and a coral pink.

Eggnog, mint, berry, basil, vanilla, marshmallow and coconut, are the scents of their Fourth Ray Lip Balms ($10), which also come in the 4 house colours. The last ingredient to drop into your cauldron is their SuperShock Highlighter ($12) that leaves an ‘illuminated finish’.

So, launch yourself onto their website on September 8th on September 11th, for a spellbinding experience your inner child deserves! 


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