Joe Jonas Gets Real About Anti-Aging Injectables

He loves them and is not shy about it.


Pop singer Joe Jonas is making news for an unexpected reason.  The thirty-three-year-old has opened up about receiving anti-aging injections from Xeomin Aesthetic. Besides, he’s become a public face for the cosmetic company. A discourse that defies social norms.


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Getting old is a privilege, aging gracefully… we hear these well-meaning sayings, and deep down, we know they are probably right. Yet, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who squealed with glee when they spotted Crow's feet and frown lines forming on their faces.
The truth is a great many people worry about the effects of time on their skin. To delay this inevitable process, a plethora of options are available nowadays, starting with injectables. Although the topic is growing less taboo in contemporary society, there’s no denying the stigma attached to it. It becomes even more noticeable for men.  
Indeed, famous (or not) women talking about Botox or else is no longer a rare occurrence but try looking for male celebrities’ take on the subject. Your results list will drastically shrink.
Nevertheless, it does not mean male celebs aren’t trying to fight time. They might still do it less than their female counterparts, but they are. They are just less vocal, and given the flack people in the spotlight can get for dubious reasons, you can’t blame them.
However, Joe Jonas of the  Jonas Brothers band has chosen to break this rule and speak openly about getting injections from the brand Xeomin. Sophie Turner’s husband even pushed the envelope further by becoming the face of the brand.

Joe Jonas needed to feel secure

You’re not a fan of those frown lines and wrinkles on your forehead? Well, you’re in good company because neither is Joe Jonas.

In his interview with the magazine Allure, Joe shared how he sought solutions after noticing lines multiplying on his face. Injectables were a good way to achieve "the boost of confidence" he wanted.

Furthermore, one thing a Jonas nails is to spot opportunities in personal matters. So, like his brothers with their weddings, Joe parlayed his insecurity into an advertisement deal. Watch and learn, kids!

As the new face of the Xeomin Aesthetic brand, Jonas insists on maintaining his right to free speech on the topic. "There is less of a negative connotation associated with these operations and skin care," he says. I appreciate that we can talk about it freely without worrying that people will think we're letting them in on some great secret."

The celebrity even calls for an end to people's reluctance about the topic while he also makes it plain that he respects people's need for privacy on the matter.


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What's the distinction between Xeomin and Botox?

Like Botox, Xeomin is an injectable treatment favored for its ability to diminish the look of wrinkles and fine lines. The formulation of the two treatments sets them apart, according to dermatologist Paul Jarrod Franck.

Xeomin is a "more purified form of the molecule and has been through a double filtration procedure to get rid of any remaining accessory proteins tied to it.” These proteins would cause "headaches and certain flu-like symptoms," as the specialist said.

Additionally, Xeomin would give less of a "frozen" look on the face than Botox.

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