Jameela Jamil Hits Back At The New York Post For Glamorizing Eating Disorders

Stop trying to make "Heroic Chic" happen. IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!


Here we go again. I’m tired of body standards and unrealistic, destructive expectations. I’ve encountered numerous occasions where I’ve dipped in and out of soul-destroying diets, cried myself to sleep because of hugely photoshopped images, and compared myself to countless women. This torture clings to you like a virus, and some people never find a cure. So why are we giving these nauseous trends another go?

The New York Post uploaded their new damaging article with the caption “Bye Bye Booty: Heroin Chic Is Back” on their official Twitter account. The article describes the 1990s - 2000s “thin, heroin-chic body - making a comeback”. It details how we have seen “slim thick” represented by celebrities such as Lizzo and Megan Thee Stallion, praised in the fashion world, but now “waifish girls” are back. 



“Even the famously bootylicious Kardashians seem to be turning away from curvy physiques. Kim and Khloé are looking increasingly skinny of late, leading fans to speculate that they’ve reversed their Brazilian butt lifts - though it has never been confirmed either had the procedure, to begin with”. 

No surprise that an article that perfectly represents everything wrong with the world is facing so much backlash. And the delicious words “Bodies are not trends”, is in fact, trending

Amongst the uproar is actress Jameela Jamil who took to social media to express her feelings on the subject: “No we tried this before in the ‘90s and millions of people developing eating disorders. I had one (an eating disorder) for 20 years. We’re not doing this again, we’re not going back. Our bodies are not trends. Our body shapes are not trends - how dare the media give this bullshit any oxygen? I am of the generation of the first wave of this. We never fully recovered. I lost two decades of my life”. 



Jamil continues: “I’m BEGGING you to violently reject this and to VIOLENTLY REJECT any people, or magazine or news outlets who are participating in the spread of this hell. We worked so hard and made so much progress and we are not being dragged back - There is nothing *chic* about a deadly drug addiction that makes you so thin because you're slowly dying”. 

Our love for the actress grows; Jamil states in her post to act and “defund” diet culture, as men are “not forced to tolerate” these unrealistic beauty standards. Saying she’s “so bored” and suggests we change the narrative to “happiness chic” instead. 


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