Jameela Jamil’s “I Weigh” Insta-Movement Encouraging Women’s Self-Worth

Worth more than you weight.


You may recognize Jameela Jamil from the big screen. She’s an actress for NBC’s ‘The Good Place’. But her passions run a little bit deeper than acting. She has recently become a symbol for female empowerment, encouraging women all over the world to reconsider what makes them valuable. Her campaign, I Weigh was sparked by the increase of self-loathing she saw on Instagram. 

Her mission is simple: to remind women that they’re worth more than what they see on the scale. 

"Everyone is selling these diarrhea teas and these gummy bears that aren't FDA-approved and we don't know what they're doing to our health in the long run," Jamil told TODAY Style. "The people who peddle these products ... they're brainwashed to think that all they should care about is their weight."

Jamil is referencing to these social media influences whose Instagram post are flooding our feeds and doubting our value. Earlier this year, she also publicly called out Kim Kardashian for advertising and ‘supporting’ appetite-suppressing lollipops. Stating Kim was a ‘terrible and toxic influence on young girls.’

But unfortunately, it not just the Kardashians filling our feeds. It’s all influencers. They are all promoting weight-loss products and an ideal weight that we should all be able to attain from an easy supplement. That having a flat stomach is the most important thing we should be focused on and nothing else.

She launched I Weigh as she describes as a ‘Rebellion against shame’ after coming across a shocking post on Instagram. 

"I was in the explore page, which I highly advise against, and I saw a picture of all the Kardashians and it had their weights written across their bodies," she said. "And I saw thousands of comments from girls, some worrying that they were the same height as one of the Kardashians but weighed more. And once I clicked that one post, because of the algorithm, all these other posts came up. I went nuts."

This sparked Jameela to share something similar: ‘I weigh: Lovely relationship, great friends, I laugh every day, I love my job, I make an honest living, I speak out for women’s rights’ etc. 

Now, I Weight is a platform where she shares inspiring images of women all over the world to celebrate their accomplishments, characteristics and achievements that make them who they are rather than the number they see on the scale. 

Jamil’s voice keeps rising up to challenge the impossible standards of physical beauty perpetuated by the media and entertainment industry, where one's worth is tied into their looks and the size of their waist. 

Head over to @i_weight to see some inspiring post, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to send in one of your own. 


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