Should Kendall Jenner Be Slammed For Presenting 'Unrealistic Body Ideals'?

The supermodel is criticised for triggering body issues in fans.


Kendall Jenner came under fire last week from fans and critics after she was accused of triggering followers with images of her body that were posted to Instagram. 


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Jenner posted behind the scenes shots of Kim Kardashian’s Valentines Day Skims collection in which she was wearing the “Fits Everybody Micro Thong’. Fans claimed she had triggered body issues and set unrealistic beauty ideals to her 152 million followers. 

The Instagram account @problematicfame, raised the issue of photoshopping, after they highlighted areas the supermodel had supposedly edited, including a distorted belly button, almost too-smooth bikini line, and a completely flat stomach. 

The response on Twitter has been overwhelming, with fans tweeting “All this Kendall Jenner shit i keep seeing is triggering as fuck, for me. That is not a realistic body, nor is it real whatsoever. You know how you can get a body like that? LOTS OF MONEY FOR PLASTIC SURGERY & PHOTOSHOP.” - @deadbitterbb. 

In a world where we are surrounded by impossible beauty ideals, it is important to remember that if we are to be a body positivity community that means being inclusive of ALL body shapes, sizes and skin tones. The danger with cancel culture and media criticism on celebrity image is only too well known when looking at British `TV presenter Caroline Flack, who sadly took her own life last year after overwhelming media pressure. Do we even need to mention the #freebritney

Whilst celebrities have a certain responsibility to be role models to their fan base, isn’t being comfortable in your own skin something to look up to rather than a quality to tear someone down for? It is hard to argue they can be responsible for others own ideas around their self-image. 

After all the thong she was wearing the “Fits Everyone Micro Thong”…ironically mean to be for everyone. 


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