5 of the Most Empowering Female Rockers

“When women support women, incredible things happen.” 


The alternative music community can be amazing and filled with wonderful people and fan bases, however, the community can also be toxic and female harassment is a common occurrence at concerts, even to the artists performing. Many female musicians have expressed a lack of faith from their peers and that they have faced condescending people far too often, purely for being a woman in music. So here is a look at some of the inspiring female rockers who powered through and remind us to stay badass 

Kim Gordon 


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Kim Gordon was the bassist and a vocalist of the iconic 90’s band Sonic Youth. The group formed in the early 90’s and eventually split in 2011 due to the divorce between herself and the group's lead singer, Thurston Moore. However, she has since proved that nothing can slow her down. 

Since the breakup of Sonic Youth, she has shown off her abilities as an artist and writer. She released her autobiography, Girl in a Band in 2015, detailing her journey and struggles through life. The novel is very inspiring for young musicians and is a great read. Kim Goron has been making art for most of her career, but since Sonic Youth it has become more of a focus in her life. Her artworks vary from beautiful to political and moving and you can take a look at them here.

Stevie Nicks 


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Stevie Nicks really needs no introduction. Best known for her incredible music throughout the 70’s and 80’s with Fleetwood Mac and her incredibly unique voice, Stevie is one of the most iconic women in music today. Watching footage of her performing is truly inspiring as the way she sings, and dances feel almost freeing. 

Especially considering her relationship issues with another band member, Lindsey Buckingham throughout the group's duration. Stevie’s solo music and music with Fleetwood Mac remind us to be free and individual. The video for her 1982 single Edge of Seventeen is incredibly empowering and listening to her belt out the lyrics will truly make you feel like the main character.  

Ellie Rowsell 

Maybe slightly lesser-known but just as incredible, Ellie Rowsell is the front person of the award-winning UK band Wolf Alice. Being one of the most popular female led bands in the UK right now Eillie is killing it. The group started out just like any other as friends creating music and they quickly rose to fame with their debut album My Love is Cool. 

The group has went on to headline festivals and supporting iconic bands such as the Foo Fighters on their US tour and Biffy Clyro at the Glasgow Summer Sessions. However, the group's success is not what has placed Ellie on this list. Her lyrics are incredibly relatable speaking of anxiety, love, and loss. The relatability of her words is comforting and reminds us that we aren't alone in our struggles. Much like the other ladies on this list, her music is empowering in its own way, and you can listen to their newest single here. Wolf Alice - The Beach 

Gwen Stefani 


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You can't do a list of iconic and empowering female musicians without mentioning Gwen Stefani. Making her debut in the 90’s band No Doubt, Gwen Stefani took the world by storm with her powerful voice and took no shit attitude. One of the group's most famous singles even mocks sexists stereotypes, we can all agree we’ve felt empowered by Just a Girl at some point. 

Even after No Doubt came to an end, Gwen Stefani continued to dominate the charts throughout the 2000’s with iconic songs such as Rich Girl and Whatcha Waiting For both charting worldwide. She was even the first artist to sell over a million singles in the US with the song Hollaback Girl. Gwen Stefani will also be an iconic musician and a staple example of empowering female artists. 

Dolores O'Riordan 

Another empowering artist that is sometimes underrated in terms of her impact in music is Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries. Dolores was mostly known for her unique voice and the passion she put into her singing. She's another artist that can be apricated for their difference from other artists.

The Cranberries music is incredibly unique and again inspires us to be different, Dolores did an amazing job with every vocal performance, and the songs she wrote each included powerful and thought-provoking lyrics. Dolores will always be remembered for her power as a female musician and the band's iconic music. 

These are just few of the women in alternative music that inspire us in our day-to-day lives however there are hundreds more that deserve recognition. So, remember to support women and your local music scene because “When women support women, incredible things happen.”