A Love Affair With Stevie Nicks’ Wardrobe

And yes, dressing like a witch is cool.


If you don’t know who Stevie Nicks is, you really should, she’s a musician, fashion legend and an all round icon. The word ‘icon’ gets thrown around a lot at the moment, but it shouldn’t be used lightly with Ms. Nicks – she defined 70s fashion and is the witchy gift that keeps giving. Her own take on boho-style mixed with rock and roll influences keeps inspiring style to this day, it has endured the passage of time. 

Stevie Nicks once said “Sexy is keeping yourself mysterious. I’m really an old-fashioned girl, and I think I’m totally sexy.” This statement absolutely translates through her clothes, from billowing dresses to top hats, Stevie did it her way. When with Fleetwood Mac, her stage outfits were a sight to behold. She appeared draped in red gowns, in sleeves much to large for her arms and even donned a shawl or two. These laid back looks, plus a handful of fringing, encapsulate the 70s era perfectly.


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Nicks’ is often said to be a witch and much of this is down to her more eccentric style. Yes, the 70s was full of free and hippy looks, but Stevie’s were always that bit more detailed and sometimes darker. Red and black are featured often in her color palette. Pair this with her penchant for long dresses and scarves and she’s always ready for fall. An honorable mention for wardrobe is when Stevie appeared in American Horror Story: Coven. Dressed in a full black dress with sheer fabrics hanging off the arms (also sporting her usual blond hair and bangs), she embraced her witch sensibilities. 

When it comes to Stevie’s makeup looks, she often opted for bangs and voluminous styles. Her feathered, blond locks are her trademark. Even in the 80s Nicks’ opted for bangs and permed hair, never seen with her hair lying flat – especially towards the end of the decade where the bigger was better. The bangs always stayed, however, even through the 90s up until now. 


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Stevie Nick’s impact on fashion is sure to keep on inspiring us decades into the future, I mean, who doesn’t want to float around in a floor length gown listening to Fleetwood Mac?

We salute you, Stevie. 

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