How Music Has Influenced Art

Music's influence on art and artists


Surprisingly many artists are inspired by music, even some of the most well-known creatives were influenced by scores, Georgia O'keefe, Andy Warhol and even Vincent Van Gogh are just a few of the many. 

Art inspired by music goes a long way back. One of the most famous examples being Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. This piece was written in 1874 and is instantly recognizable from many movies and TV shows. The composer, Mussorgsky was inspired by paintings of his friend who had passed away shortly before he created the song. Through history this continued and even Van Gogh was said to of aimed to create the "comforting aspect of music” but on a canvas. 

(Image credit: Viktor Hartmann via Jax Symphony)

More modern examples of music in art would include Andy Warhols creation of album covers. The famous pop artist created over 50 pieces inspired by music including artwork for The Velvet Underground and The Rolling Stone's. Some of these paintings have become some of the most iconic album covers of all time. 

(Image credit: Andy Warhol via Twitter)

So why do art and music inspire one another? Well, they both make us feel something so artists would be inspired by the emotion within a song. It is interesting hearing songs that inspired art and looking at the artwork as it reminds us that we all interpret things differently. Even a simple song can change the way we look at an album cover.