John Galliano's Haute Couture Spectacle at Maison Margiela

A dystopian drama on the runway.


Galliano embraces his unmistakable theatrical flair, whisking the audience away to a timeless yet dystopian universe. Imagine a foggy night, where figures in Galliano's couture outfits blend the past with the unflinching realities of the present.

Paris witnessed a spectacular display of creativity as John Galliano unveiled his latest couture collection at a vaulted warehouse for Maison Margiela. The setting itself spoke volumes about the avant-garde nature of the show, held in a space that added an extra layer of intrigue to the audience's anticipation. The invitation was a work of art in itself, designed as a Parisian metro ticket, providing a glimpse into the unique journey that awaited attendees.

In a society marked by war, economic turmoil, and environmental disasters, Galliano's models stood as sensitive creatures lost and broken, yet undeniably beautiful in their sadness. The collection offered an unforgettable vision of romanticized decomposition, akin to witnessing a rose gracefully fade and decay in a mesmerizing manner.



Starstudded  Margiela evening

Among the notable guests were none other than the Maison Kardashian duo, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, as StyleNotCom aptly dubbed them. Their presence, as always, heightened the buzz surrounding the event.



Nothing but outstanding designs

Galliano's collection proved to be a breath of fresh air in an era dominated by corporate and minimalistic fashion shows. Social media exploded as users longed for a return to the drama and theatrics that were once a big part of haute couture.

The designs showcased by Galliano were nothing short of outstanding, featuring his signature corsets and intricate tailoring that has come to define also Maison Margiela. Volumes played a significant role whilst Galliano's mastery of shades of black added depth to the collection, seamlessly blending with the dystopian reality he crafted for the show.



Stitching also took center stage as a form of decoration, while veils and see-through materials created an ethereal atmosphere, reminiscent of floating jellyfish in a dark and melancholic reality. The juxtaposition of sensitivity and vulnerability against the unforgiving backdrop of 2024's societal challenges created a narrative that resonates deeply.



As Maison Margiela marked the end of couture fashion week in Paris, Galliano's grand finale will undoubtedly be remembered as an unparalleled experience. The show served as a testament to his way of pushing boundaries leaving an indelible and making noise. 

The haunting elegance of Maison Margiela's couture show has rekindled the desire for a more emotive and expressive fashion landscape, and after decades, Galliano's vision is still able to reshape the future of haute couture through drama.