Marina Abramović Drops a Skincare Bomb: Meet the 'Abramović Method

Turning skincare into a form of art.


Marina Abramović, renowned as the trailblazer of performance art, has transcended the boundaries of her craft since the early 1970s, pushing the limits of physical endurance by utilizing her own body as a medium.

Stepping into the realms of beauty and wellness, Marina Abramović, alongside her business partner Nonna Brenner, introduces a transformative line of skincare and wellness products. Under the enchanting umbrella of the "Marina Abramović Longevity Method," the duo unveils a trio of ingestible drops and a multifaceted face lotion.

Market enthusiasts can now indulge in the artist's visionary "Abramović Method," available for purchase as a set of cards featuring instructions designed to "reboot your life." These new products seamlessly integrate into the artist's thriving Abramović Method mindfulness platform, celebrated by luminaries such as Jay Z and Lady Gaga. The platform includes instructional cards that guide users with prompts like "Sip a glass of water as slowly as you can."

Marina Abramović, known for her proclamation that "pain is my specialty," reflects on her career, wherein she has fearlessly exposed herself to pain before audiences. Acting as a mirror for her admirers, she emphasizes that enduring personal pain is a shared journey.

The product range showcases a versatile face lotion that serves as a cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturizer all in one. Enriched with hydrating botanicals, essential oils, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and unique ingredients like white bread and white wine, the lotion promises a holistic skincare experience. Complementing this, three distinct botanical drops cater to energizing, immunizing, and anti-allergenic needs. 

Dr. Brenner, the visionary behind these all-natural wellbeing products, shares her perspective: "My recipes embrace the philosophy of healing through nature, rediscovering forgotten rituals and knowledge from the past associated with beauty and wellness. We reimagine these traditions for contemporary use, with longevity at the core of each product. In essence, it's a celebration of beauty from within and without."