Prada's Fall/Winter 2024 Collection Is Inspired by "Sailoring"

A nautical-inspired masterpiece at Milan Fashion Week.


As noted by Stylenotcom, the Prada Fall/Winter 2024 collection showcased a distinctive blend of nautical and tailored aesthetics, giving rise to the coined term "sailoring." That’s what Prada’s Fall/Winter 2024 was all about yesterday at Milan Fashion Week, within an industrial-office space, enclosed by glass and shielded from natural elements.

The runway featured models wearing headwear reminiscent of swimming and sailing hats, coupled with eyewear inspired by goggles. The men's lineup mixed heavy coats with fresh nautical styles, pulling off a sleek vibe despite the bulky winter layers.



For the show Prada spiced up the set design bringing the outdoors inside, deliberately aiming to reconnect humanity with nature. 

The Fall/Winter 2024 Prada man exudes a sleek allure, achieving a balance between form-fitting knitwear and oversized overcoats. The addition of headwear contributes to a cohesive ensemble elongating the overall figure.

Set against a corporate backdrop immersed in nature, vibrant hues like bright lime, magenta, or red, contrasting with dark navy or grey, define the brand's signature look. Tweed makes a return through suits and winter coats, while yellow, black, and brown balaclavas signify Prada's commitment to inclusivity and cultural diversity in design.



A full denim ensemble emerges as a standout, emphasizing that denim remains a timeless choice for the Prada man. 

The accessories make a bold statement, featuring angular white belts and bags reminiscent of the iconic Prada triangle. The trademark Prada avocado green persists, showcasing that winter fashion can incorporate vibrant colors in both clothing and accessories. The oversized belt bags, especially, make a lasting impression, potentially becoming a long-term signature piece for Prada's accessories division.

In a nostalgic nod to the 90s minimalist aesthetic, Prada's menswear show intertwines with a touch of countryside classic impression. The collection, tailored for the office, highlights the brand's affinity for uniforms, with style emanating from impeccable tailoring and accessory craftsmanship, all while maintaining a playful undertone, particularly in the eyewear designs.